Saturday, September 29, 2012

Real Jungle Hiking in Okinawa

Last Saturday after the big race we headed up north in hopes of hiking to a new waterfall. When we go hiking in the jungle many times there are no real paths or marked trail. This was definitely one of those times. We hiked for about 40 minutes until we got to a section that had been washed out by the previous typhoons. It was just too unsafe to get Parker over so we stayed and played in a little waterfall and pond. The kids still had fun playing there. Although I was bummed I didn't get to see the main waterfall. What a crazy adventure.

We have 6 very adventurous kids who are not freaked out treking through the jungle. At times it takes a whole team to get kids across certain steep sections. They are all very brave!

Carson's 1st 5K Race

Last weekend Carson ran in his first ever 5K race with Josh. He was so excited. Carson did so well. The course had a lot of hills and he did great. We were so proud of him. He really kicked butt!! Way to go Carson! He can't wait until the next race with Daddy!

Mommy & Parker Time- Comprehensive Park

This week for our adventure out with Diana we chose to just go to the park by our house. We discovered a new path and finally found a field of flowers! Parker talked and talked the whole walk. He is such a cutie!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mommy & Parker Time- Peace Prayer Park

This week Parker, Diana and I headed south to the Peace Prayer Park. The park is huge and so beautiful. There are memorials scattered throughout the park. The main memorial area lists the names of those that died in the Battle of Okinawa. It is a very peaceful park right on the southern coast. We had a wonderful morning exploring the park and look forward to going back with the rest of the gang.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mommy & Parker Time- Cape Zanpa Lighthouse

With the big kids in school Parker and I have a lot of time together. I am trying to make sure we get out of the house at least once a week to do something fun. This week we met Diana at the Cape Zanpa Lighthouse. We were only able to explore and walk around for about 45 minutes before it started pouring. I was still able to get quite a few cute photos of my favorite little Superhero!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pirate Night at Torii Beach

Saturday evening we went to the Pirate party at Torii Beach. Carson had really been looking forward to this event. The kids all got dressed up in what pirate gear we could find. When we got there they gave out bandanas, eye patches, telescopes, rings, and many other pirate goodies.

There was a treasure a hunt and the kids got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow. And of course they got to play with Hannah and Addie.

Carson wore part of his costume from last year. He looked so cute. I just love how these 2 photos turned out. Definitely favorites of mine.

We had a great time at Pirate Night but the kids were very tired, especially since they had Warrior Day earlier.

Skoshi Warrior Day 2012

 Last Saturday the big kids got to spend 4 hours at the Skoshi Warrior Day. They got to pretend they were deploying and in the military, just like Daddy. They checked out all sorts of cool military vehicles, looked at guns, watched a police dog demonstration, etc. The war paint and dog tags seemed to be the highlight of the day. They all had so much fun!

They were also very happy Hannah and Addie did Warrior Day with them and were in the same group. Diana and I were not sure if our little princesses would have fun, but Emma and Addie loved it! Carson and Hannah of course choose matching war paint.

This was an amazing program for the kids and it was free! They all can't wait to participate next year!