Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 304 of 365

Today the kids were up very early again. They were singing and dancing to "Don't Stop Believin'" and cheering "Let's Go Giants". They are crazy! We had breakfast and I went grocery shopping. By lunchtime the kids were ready for trick-or-treating. We held them off for a little while by making homemade pizza crust and then Josh helped them carve pumpkins. Cooper was the only know not disgusted by the guts. After pumpkins we ate our pizza and then got ready. Parker and Carson had a change in costume choices. We ended up at Princess Aurora, Great White Shark, Peter Pan, and a Giants Baseball player. The kids had an amazing time trick-or-treating. It was one of the best Halloween's yet!

The Halloween Haul

Oh my, we have so much candy!!!


We headed out around 6:30. The weather was great and we had an amazing sunset. The kids were all so excited. Carson ran from house to house. People kept him up to date on the score of the game. Everyone loved his costume and he kept yelling "Let's go Giants". Cooper was all set and very excited. People really liked his costume and bag. He probably got the most comments. Emma was excited but tired. She trick-or-treated for a little bit. Half way though Josh took her home to watch the Giants game and hand out candy. Parker was so excited. I have never seen a 2 year old more excited. He knew exactly what to do. He didn't want to stop- although he jumped in the stroller between houses. Parker had an amazing time. It was a great Halloween!

Picture time at the Browning's

Carson & Daniel
Carson & Daddy
Josh & I
Family Picture- yay!
AJ- the cutest littlest Dino ever!

All Dressed and Ready

Carson- Giants Baseball player (Last minute costume change. Of course you knew that was going to happen with his new obsession with the Giants)

Cooper- Great White Shark

Parker- Peter Pan (Last minute change, he wouldn't keep his Nemo costume on so we picked one out of the costume box. This was Cooper's old costume.)

Emma- Pretty, Pretty Princess Auroua (She was so excited to have makeup on!)

Carving Pumpkins

This afternoon we carved pumpkins. Carson was grossed out. Emma was grossed out. Parker was really grossed out. Cooper was all for it. Josh did a great job. They turned out great! Of course you can guess which one is Carson's- SF!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 303 of 365

Today the kids were up very early. Josh and I finally got out of bed and we had breakfast. We got the house picked up and the kids all showered. Then we headed out in search of Giants shirts for the boys and beards. We were only able to find one shirt for Carson, but Cooper was happy in his Oregon Ducks shirt. Josh and the boys spent the day getting pumped for Game #3. Carson is a mini Josh. He is obsessed with the Giants! The boys watched some of the game. Unfortunately, the Giants loss. Oh well, there is a game tomorrow.

Don't Stop Believin'

Carson is officially obsessed with the Giants! He knows the entire "Don't Stop Believin'" Giants theme song. He insists on wearing his Giants gear. Carson runs around chanting "Let's Go Giants". He is a mini Josh!! I sure hope the Giants win the the World Series he will be so sad if they don't. Although, both boys don't exactly understand the whole World Series thing. We tried to explain to them it's like World 9, King Kubba's castle on Super Mario Bros. I think that helped. Go Giants!

Up Past Bedtime

"I'm way to cute to be put to bed."
Parker's New Move
"Go Giants"
My Baby

Whenever we let Parker stay up late he goes crazy. He gets loopy and is hilarious. He does whatever he can to make you laugh. He is being so cute and silly that you don't pay attention to the clock. He runs around and makes funny faces. He goes crazy!!! His "loopy mode" buys him an extra 20-30 minutes past bedtime. He is the funniest little guy!

Parker & AJ

Parker just loves AJ so much! Parker loves to play near him. He always wants to hang out wherever AJ is. He loves to wake AJ up from his nap. They are going to be best friends!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 302 of 365

Today was busy. AJ came over from 8 until 1. Cooper had a great Friday at school. Carson also had a fun day. At 4 Cameron and Tanner came over. There were so many boys in this house. Parker had fun entertaining Tanner. Tanner is so cute. He laughs and is so funny. Cameron, Carson and Cooper worked on Christmas lists. Emma was a little unsure about all the boys in the house. We had a great night. I'm happy Nicole and Troy were able to go and spend some time together. It was one baby filled day!

The Boys

Cooper, Carson, Cameron, Tanner & Parker

Friday Flashback- 1st Halloween Costumes

Carson- 2004
Emma- 2006
Parker- 2008

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 301 of 365

Today AJ came over. We spent the morning hanging out. Emma went over to Nicole's to hang out for a little bit. She just loves Nicole!!! After Carson got home from school we finished up homework. For dinner we had our usual "Josh has swings" meal- chocolate chip pancakes. The kids are really getting excited for trick-or-treating. They have also started their Christmas lists. Giants win Game #2!!

Future Sewing Project?

How hard do you think these pj's would be to make??? They wouldn't have to be so detailed, but something similiar. Emma wants the whole collection, of course. But at $25 each, umm, not going to happen. She likes THIS entire page.

Today's Work

Carson's doodle page from school yesterday. Hirller = Halloween.
Carson's doodle page from school today.
Cooper's work from today.
Emma's work from today. She spent the morning with her best friend Nicole. She loves coloring over there. Today they colored race cars.
They also started her Christmas list.

Go Giants- Game 1

Even though he didn't have a ticket for the game, Josh still had an amazing time watching it near the stadium and being surrounded by Giants fans. Giants win! Go Giants!

In case anyone hasn't seen yet, you have to watch it. This has been the anthem played in our house the last couple of weeks. It is played daily, 5 to 20 times. Carson and Cooper know most of the words!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 300 of 365

Today was a very exciting day for Josh. He took the day off and went to San Francisco with 2 friends from work. Josh has been a Giants fan for years. Now that they are in the World Series he couldn't resist going there for the first game. Although he didn't have a ticket, he still had an amazing time. Go Giants! The kids and I had a nice afternoon and evening. We colored and played Geotrax. I had the Giants game on. Parker was so excited it was on. We happened to be watching during the inning the Giants scored 4 or 5 runs. He made everyone watch and would not let us leave. He was jumping up and down and yelling- just like a mini Josh. So cute! Of course the Giants won- 11-5 I think.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 299 of 365

Today was a good day. I had AJ for a few hours this afternoon. The kids were really good so I gave in and let the boys play the Wii for a little bit before bed. Carson has a tooth that is loose. It really needs to come out because the new one is starting to come in. I have given him until Friday to get it out on his own, otherwise I am pulling it. We'll see what happens. In other news, Josh and the boys are very excited for the World Series tomorrow. In fact, Josh is taking the day off and going down there with some friends from work. Go Giants!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 298 of 365

Today the boys headed back to school. We had a very wet Sunday and today was much nicer. It's finally cooler here and feeling like fall. Both boys had fun at school. They are counting down the days until Halloween. Everyone is very excited for trick or treating! The kids were also excited today when Carson figured out Christmas is in 2 months. Oh no, the Christmas present talk has already started.

Layout of the Week

My layout titled "Falling for You" was chosen as the layout of the week at A Cherry On Top!!!! That is the second time this year they have picked on of my layouts!

You can see it HERE.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 297 of 365

Today it poured! Our first real fall storm and our first real rainy and windy day. We made a big breakfast. The kids played with Aunt Chelsea until she had to leave at 12:30. I took Chelsea to the airport. Oh my, it poured on our drive out there. When I got home I went with my neighbor Abbi, AJ's mom, to get a pedicure. It was my first pedicure since the day before my wedding, 8 1/2 years ago. It was so nice and relaxing, especially on a rainy fall day. I came home and went grocery shopping. Josh and the kids carved a pumpkin while I was gone. Its pretty cool looking! The kids watched a Halloween movie before bed. We had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 296 of 365

Today we finally had a full day to just hang out. We had breakfast and played for a little bit. Chelsea and I took the kids to a park to run around a little before the rain came. We ate lunch. The kids and Aunt Chelsea played the Wii and DS. It was a nice relaxing day.

Auburn Ravine Park

This morning before the rain came, Auntie Chelsea and I took the kids to Auburn Ravine Park to run around. The kids had a great time and loved being in the "forest".

Our Halloween Party Treat Table

Oh my, the pumpkin cheesecake turned out so well. It was very yummy and the hit of the party!