Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapbook Page

"Later Gator"

I did this layout using a sketch from The Scrappiest, Sketch 100. These pictures are from October 2008. Parker was 6 weeks old. I love these adorable pictures!!

Scrapbook Pages

"Carson ADORES his baby brother" Pictures taken October 2008

"GLOW" We had pink curtains in Emma's room. In the afternoon her room would glow pink during her nap. October 2008

"Zoo" Oregon Zoo, when Josh took the 3 big kids up to Portland for his race. October 2008

Carson Right Now

- Carson is great at math. He really loves his math homework, reading, not so much.
- At school during recess he plays "Twilight" with his friends. He is always Edward. He told me that he runs so fast, just like vampires do.
- All about button up shirts, jeans, and his purple converse.
- Today Carson was the first kid in his class to meet his AR (reading) goal. He worked really hard the last two weeks trying to get all the reading and quizzes completed. So proud of him!
- When he gets home from school he eats his lunch, why he doesn't eat at school, I do not know.

5 Questions
1. What is your favorite TV Show/Movie right now? Big Time Rush/Transformers
2. What is your favorite dinner right now? Pepperoni pizza
3. If won $1,000,000 right now, what would be the first thing you would buy? 1,000 Wii games
4. What are you looking forward to right now? Disneyland!
5. What is your favorite game right now? Super Mario Galaxy 1&2

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basketball Fun

Our neighbor Daniel got a basketball hoop. Today was the first day the kids have gone outside to try it out. Josh and Daniel played a long time with the kids, even though it was cold outside!

Bowling Night

After one and half hours, we completed 1 game. Carson did really well, however he was upset he didn't beat Josh. Cooper and Emma threw their ball so slow, it took forever to get to the pins. They loved it though. Parker loved bowling and wanted to go over and over again.

Jumping Fun after Showers

After showers the kids love to jump on the bed. Parker and Emma went crazy!

They sure can fly!

Daddy-Daughter Time

Emma loves to have her nails painted. I do it for her once in awhile, but she always picks it off right away. So, when she asks, I don't always say yes. However, Daddy loves to paint her nails. He is always willing to do it for her! So cute!


The boys just love to wrestle. Parker really loves to wrestle with the big boys. Carson and Cooper are pretty patient and let him do what he wants, that is, until Parker bites.

No open eyes, but at least all 3 boys have their eyes closed.

Mom, "Please, one nice picture?" Boys, "Ok". At least Parker listened. Carson and Cooper would not stop giving me crazy eyes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Journal: Week 4, Jan.22- Jan.28

Saturday, January 22nd: Today we slept in and had waffles for breakfast. Josh got the house all cleaned up. We left for Church at 3:30. It was another great service and the kids had a great time. After Church we went to Whole Foods to get a special treat. $22 later, we came home with dessert. The kids were tired so they went to bed early. Josh and I stayed up late and watched TV.

Sunday, January 23rd: Today Josh and I tried not to sleep in too late. We were up by 7:30. Josh was in charge of breakfast today. I went grocery shopping. We watched football. The kids played with their Transformers. I got caught up on laundry. I did alot of baking. I made oatmeal white chocolate chip cranberry cookies, homemade blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip waffles.

Monday, January 24th: Today the boys were excited to go to school. They are both looking forward to their 100th day on Friday. Cam was home sick today so I drove to the school 3 times today. Back and forth. Emma and I spent the day crafting and scrapbooking in between driving to school. After school we all went outside for awhile. It was a nice warm afternoon, near 70. The kids rode their bikes and colored with chalk.

Tuesday, January 25th: Today AJ didn't come over until 8:30. Emma has a cold and was up all last night with a sore throat. She seemed better this afternoon, but colds are always worse in the morning and night. We decided not to go to Kidstuff at Church tonight. The boys were very upset, but I just didn't think Emma should go. We played outside for awhile and went on a walk with AJ, Daniel and the dogs. Parker decided he wanted to ride his hot wheels bike the whole way. Josh and I took turns pushing him when he got tired. After dinner the kids watched Transformers. They have really been into Transformers the last couple of days. It's a nice break from the Wii and Super Mario talk.

Wednesday, January 26th: Today Carson had a field trip to the Roseville Recycle Educational Center. It was an all day field trip. He really had a great time. Cooper had speech at school today. Emma and Parker played Barbies most the day. Tonight we hung out and didn't do much.

Thursday, January 27th: Today we had a fun day with AJ. Parker, Emma and AJ just love each other. It's so cute watching them. Tonight the boys finished up their homework. Josh went running. I tried to catch up on some laundry. We are all looking forward to family fun night tomorrow.

Friday, January 28th: Today the boys had a super fun 100th day of school. They did all sorts of fun activities. Josh won another award at work today. He got the "Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor of the Year 2010". It is a major accomplishment!! We are all so proud of you! As soon as Carson got home we headed out for family fun night. First stop was bowling. We planned on bowling 2 games, however the kids were so slow. One game took almost and hour and a half. They all had fun. After bowling we went to Red Robin for dinner. We only go out to eat maybe 2-3 times a year, usually when we are up in Portland. The kids all ate really well. We had a wonderful family night!

Cooper's 100th Day of School

Today was Cooper's 100th day of school. He had a great day at school. They had a really fun day with many 100 item activities, including a snack mix made up of 100 things and a 100 fruit loop necklace. Cooper's 100 item collection project was 100 Legos. Cooper loved today!

Scrapbook Page

"Introducing SSgt Hager"

I made this layout using the weekly sketch from HERE.

This was a very special day for Josh. I'm so happy the kids and I were able to attend the ceremony. October 2008

Friday Flashback- One Week Old, Sleepy Time

Carson- 1 Week Old, He always slept on his side with his hands by his mouth, so cute!

Cooper- 1 Week Old, For the first month he always slept with his hand on his head, adorable!

Emma- 1 Week Old, She always slept all crunched up for the first few weeks, precious!

Parker- 1 Week Old, He could sleep through anything, with all 3 kids running around and playing, nothing bothered him, too cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baking Day

On Sunday we had baking day. I made white chocolate oatmeal cranberry cookies (so good!), 2 dozen blueberry muffins (Martha Stewart recipe is the best!), 2 dozen chocolate chip muffins and a triple batch of chocolate chip waffles. Hopefully this lasts all week!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrapbook Page

"2 Months"
This might be one of my most favorite layouts I have done. This picture was taken in October 2008. This is my most favorite picture of Parker when he was teeny tiny. I love how this page turned out!

Carson Reading

Carson doing his reading homework tonight.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Scrapbook Pages

"Even When You are Sick"- I used a sketch from for this page. Pictures are from September 2008, Carson's first cold from preschool. I used the new Echo Park Be Mine collection.

(This page was featured HERE! Top row, layout #3)

"Love x Four"- I used a sketch from The Scrappiest, Sketch 99. Pictures are from my 27th birthday, October 2008, all I wanted was a picture with all 4 of my little ones.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Journal: Week 3: Jan.15th-Jan.21st

Saturday, January 15th: Today we slept in and had donuts. The kids played all day. We watched football and just hung out until Church. We went to Church. The kids had a great time. Once again Parker walked right into his class. It was a great service. We came home and had a late dinner. The kids watched iCarly before bed.

Sunday, January 16th: Today we slept in again. I went grocery shopping. We watched football. The kids built Legos and played the Wii. They watched "Alpha & Omega" for movie night. I made a yummy stir-fry. We are all so happy we have another day off tomorrow.

Monday, January 17th: Today Josh and I were determined to get something done. Josh washed the cars and they look brand new. I caught up on some laundry. We made our usual night before school triple batch of waffles. It has been a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, January 18th: Today was an early morning. AJ came over at 6:00am. Josh got up early and went to work out. We all took the boys to school. Cooper had speech today and enjoyed it. Carson had science, he just loves science. I love that! This evening we worked on homework and a little Disneyland planning. There are now 16 people all together going. It is going to be so much fun!

Wednesday, January 19th: Today the sun finally broke through the fog. The boys had good days at school. When Carson got home we all went outside. Finally, sun! We rode bikes and played hopscotch. Daniel, our neighbor and AJ's Dad, played chase with the kids. Around 4:00 the mosquitos came out and we headed inside. We ate dinner then Carson got ready for Cub Scouts. Since Josh was stuck at work again, Troy took Carson for me. Tonight they got to visit the police department. Carson loved it. He came home and told me all about taser guns. Josh had a basketball game and they won!

Thursday, January 20th: Today AJ came over right before we left for school. Josh left for work a little earlier than usual. He had an award ceremony to go to. He received an award for "NCO of the Quarter." It's a really cool looking award and a big award. After school we played outside again. We went for a walk and rode bikes. The boys finished their homework. Carson has a bad cough so I got everyone into bed a little early.

Friday, January 21st: Today AJ came over early. Everyone was very happy today was Friday. Cooper had a rough day at school. He is just very sensitive, poor little guy. Carson had a good day. He had big buddies, which he loves. After school we, or I should say I, tried to pick up a little. We went and got pizza. The kids danced in the car to "Big Time Rush" like little crazy kids. We had pizza and played the Wii. Josh had to work late so no movie night tonight.

Emma Right Now

- Emma loves playing the Wii. She is so good at Wii Bowling!
- She loves her Barbies and Disney Princess Dolls.
- She loves to put on makeup and get ready for the day.
- Overnight her hair turns into a birds nest, full of tangles and all over the place.
- Emma loves when Daddy straightens her hair.
- She loves to be tickled and just begs for it.
- Emma is 4 1/2 years old today. She weighs 37lbs.

 5 Questions
1. What is your favorite TV Show/Movie right now? Max & Ruby/ Aladdin
2. What is your favorite dinner right now? Noodles
3. If you had a $1,000,000 right now, what would be the first thing you would buy? A rollercoaster
4. What are you looking forward to right now? Going to Disneyland with Grandma
5. What is your favorite game right now? Wii Super Mario Bros

Friday Flashback- Baby Day X 4

December 31, 2003: In Little Rock, AR we welcome our first baby boy Carson into the world.

February 18, 2005: In Little Rock AR we welcome our second baby boy Cooper into the world.

July 21, 2006: In Roseville, CA we welcomed our only baby girl Emma into the world.

August 8, 2008: In Roseville, CA we welcomed our last baby boy Parker into the world.

 4 Babies in 4 years, 7 months, 8 days

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrapbook Pages

"Time to Build"- September 2009, Lowe's Bulid & Grow clinic, the kids got to build a firetruck and climb around a real one also.

"LOVE"- September 2008, Emma, age 2

"Asleep"- September 2008, Parker was 6 weeks old.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooper Right Now

- Cooper is loving Kindergarten.
- Cooper really loves going to Church. His whole face lights up when he walks into his class.
- He is very sensitive.
- Cooper is 43 inches tall and weighs 40.7lbs.
- He is 5 years, 11 months old.

5 Questions
1. What is your favorite TV Show/Movie right now? iCarly/ Super Mario Bros.
2. What is your favorite dinner right now? Chickens
3. If won $1,000,000 right now, what would be the first thing you would buy? Toys
4. What are you looking forward to right now? My birthday
5. What is your favorite game right now? Wii Donkey Kong

Parker's bedtime routine

Parker's bedtime rountine: after Bible time and bedtime prayers he must JUMP! As soon as he is done, he goes right to sleep.

(you can change the video to HD by clicking on the 240p and changing to 1080p, looks much better!)

Recent iPhone Pictures

Cooper's new haircut- Doesn't he look just like a mini-Josh??
Crazy Parker
Parker- our little Tornado
Sweet AJ- sleeping through Emma and Parker playing monopoly

Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Journal: Week 2: Jan.8th-Jan.14th

Saturday, January 8th: Today Josh had to go into work for a few hours early. That worked out well for the kids because he brought home "The Pink Box" donuts. Carson really loves the donuts there. The kids spent the day playing the Wii, building Legos, and playing games. Josh watched the Seahawk game and nearly lost his voice, but they won! Tonight we had our family movie night. We watched "Flight of the Navigator". The kids really liked it. Can you believe that movie was made in 1986?? I was 5 and Josh was 4, crazy. Carson has a little cold, hopefully it doesn't spread.

Sunday, January 9th: Today we got up early and went to Church. Parker walked right into his class with no crying. He was excited to go! The kids all had a great time. The message today was , "It's Never Too Late to Change". After church we had a late breakfast. Josh had to pick a guy up from the airport. When he got back I went to the grocery store. We spent the afternoon watching football. For dinner I made waffles, a triple batch. Hopefully that will be enough to last all week for breakfast. Josh and I had BBQ chicken, very yummy!

Monday, January 10th: Today Cooper and Parker woke up with Carson's cold. Nothing seriously, just a lot of sneezing and snot. Cooper had a great day at school. He came home happy. Carson had a great day also. Both boys wore their Duck gear to school. They were so excited for the game tonight. We had dinner and then all sat together to watch the game. The boys weren't able to stay up for the whole game, they were bummed, but Oregon was down. Unfortunately, Oregon lost.

Tuesday, January 11th: Today the boys woke and and asked about the game. They were pretty bummed when we told them the Ducks lost. Parker had fun with AJ today. He decided to get out all his Geotrax and teach him all about trains. Cooper had snack today at school. Tonight we just hung out. The kids watched Aladdin before bed.

Wednesday, January 12th: Today the boys were up early, trying to sneak in some extra Wii time. Josh stopped by the house around 12 to change before his dentist appointment. When he got home he wasn't in as much pain as the last visit, thank goodness. The boys had a crabby afternoon. Josh had a basketball game. He got home just in time for Bible time. The kids were asleep by 7:30. We watched a little TV and then went to bed.

Thursday, January 13th: Today we had a fun day with AJ. He turned 6 months old today. He is almost sitting by himself and has 2 teeth. Cooper had the share bag today at school. He brought his stuffed doggy "Cookie". Carson had a fun day at school also. Josh got home from work and hung out a little before he left for his basketball game. The kids are excited for school tomorrow and pizza night.

Friday, January 14th: Today AJ came over early. He is such a great baby. He fell asleep on the couch, right where Emma and Parker were playing monopoly. He took his entire nap right there, with the noise and everything. Carson and Cooper had fun Friday's at school. It was warm and sunny today. Josh and I picked up the house. We had pizza and ice cream. We are all so happy about our 3 day weekend!

Friday Flashback- Disneyland

With our next trip to Disneyland less than a month away, I thought it would be fun to look back at our previous Disneyland trips. Disneyland is a place that both Josh and I love so much. This is our 1 big trip a year we go on. I hope to continue this tradition with our kids every year and with their kids.

Trip #1- April 2006: My mom and I took the boys to San Diego for a few days while Josh went up to Portland to run in a race. While we were there we decided to drive up to Disneyland for the day. We were only there for 1 day, but it was so much fun. Carson was 2, Cooper was 1 and I was pregnant with Emma.

Trip #2- December 2006: While we were living up in Portland during Josh's first deployment to Iraq we were trying to decide what to do for Carson's birthday to make it really special. 3 hours later, my Mom, Katie, Jack- who was 2 months old, Carson, Cooper and I were packed and on the road. We drove down to Disneyland and spent 3 days there. Carson had a special birthday breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. It was a really fun trip full of laughter.

Trip #3- July 2007: It was definitely time for Josh to go to Disneyland with the kids. This time we decided to go in the summer for Emma's 1st birthday. After playing at the beach for a few days we headed over to Disneyland. My Mom flew down to help us with the kids. It was hot and crowded. But it was an amazing trip. Josh had so much fun with the kids.

Trip #4- June 2009: We decided to surprise the big kids with a trip to Disneyland. Josh got back from his deployment in Iraq. The next day we drove to Disneyland. Parker stayed in Portland with my parents. This was our first trip staying in the Grand Californian Disney Hotel. It was beautiful and so easy to get to and from the park. We had a wonderful 3 days. It was warm but so much fun. Cooper and Carson went on Splash Mountain for the first time.

Trip #5- February 2010: We decided to do this year's Disneyland trip when it was not so crowded and hot. February ended up being the perfect month. The weather was nice and it wasn't too crowded, plus everything was cheaper, well, a little cheaper. Josh's sister was able to come with us. This was Parker's first trip to Disneyland. He loved it. We also celebrated Cooper's birthday. It was an amazing Disneyland trip.