Monday, July 23, 2012

Baseball Season 2012

Carson and Cooper are playing baseball this summer. This year they are on the same team and it is so nice! They are the Bats and they are playing coach-pitched. They have a wonderful coach and there are some nice kids on their team.

The games and practices are at 5pm here, so it is very hot! We have lucked out with some shade once the sun goes down, but it is still so humid. The boys are loving playing and really look forward to the games!

They are getting so big so fast, its crazy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Moon Beach Luau

On Saturday the kids and I spent the day with the girls at the Moon Beach Luau. Moon Beach is a beautiful private beach at the Moon Beach Hotel. The Luau went all day with all things Hawaiian, food, clothes, and of course Hula. There were so many different hula groups performing and they were all amazing. We played at the beach for a while. Then we found 7 or 8 blow up kiddie pools. The kids played in those kiddie pools for almost 4 hours.
The kids all got to play the funnest game. Instead of hitting a pinata, the kids were blindfolded, given a stick, and directed towards a watermelon to hit. All the kids took turns trying to break open the watermelon. Eventually it broke and everyone enjoyed some yummy watermelon.

Before we left the these girls really wanted their picture taken with one of the hula groups. Using my best hand gestures I asked if it was ok to take a picture. Of course they were more than happy. The girls just loved it!

The Moon Beach Luau was so much fun. Diana and I had a great day with the kids and a great day relaxing at the beach and even in the shade under the palm trees.

Playtime at the Kurashiki Dam

One day last week we spent the morning at the Kurashiki Dam. They have a great little area set up for the kids to play in the water. It is beautiful and the kids stayed busy for nearly 2 hours!

Back to the Beach

Now that we are back in Okinawa it is summer time and time for beach fun a few times a week. It is time again for ice cream on the beach at sunset. It is time for fun with friends. We have been staying very busy!

River Treking to Taa Falls (Tadake Falls)

The day before Josh left for his next trip we headed out for a new adventure with the McMillan's. We drove north to the Taa Falls, also known as Tadake Falls. To get to the falls we had to trek through the river upstream. The rocks were slipping and in some places rather large. The water never got too deep but it was a challenge with little ones. They however did amazing, 6 kids age 9 and under kicked butt on the hike.

At the end of the river we were rewarded with the most amazing waterfall. We were surrounded by jungle. Taa Falls is really tall and comes crashing down into a big pond. The water was cool and refreshing on a very hot day. We were able to swim around the falls. The most spectacular thing was walking on a teeny tiny ledge between the waterfall. The water was coming down with such force it nearly took your breath away.

We all agreed that this was by far the coolest and most amazing thing we have experienced on this island so far. It was amazing!