Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic

Today at Lowe's they had a free clinic for the kids to build a wood firetruck. They got aprons and googles. There were even firetrucks there for them to check out. They loved hammering their firetrucks together.

Weekly Review

This week we didn't get much accomplished. The kids were hit by the cold bug again. So, we watched lots of movies, built legos, and rested.

Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grocery Shopping Day

6 pkgs diapers for $36!
Free gatorade & pepsi
Total = $54.49
$ Saved = $46.79
% Saved = 48%

Free capri sun! (I never get these for the kids, so its a treat around here!)
Total = $83.51
$ Saved = $71.55
% Saved = 46%

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pizza Pizza

On Saturday the kids and I made homemade pizza. They kneaded the dough and rolled out their crusts. They loved putting the sauce and cheese on. The best part, all 3 actually ate their pizzas.

Weekend Review

This weekend we . . .
Found the dress-up box, Emma found her sunglasses, KISSY KISSY!

Parker decided to start standing by himself

New Legos (only because they were on sale at Toys R Us, Buy 2, get 1 free!)

New Snow White Bake Set

Finally, a real smile.

I have been wanting a picture like this, but we are missing Parker's feet.

The kids favorite place to play, our bed!

Wrestle Time

Snack Time

Emma got school together for everyone

Cupcake Friday

For Farm Week, on Friday we made Sheep cupcakes using marshmallows.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My Little Man

1. He is very stubborn. When something doesn't go his way, watch out.

2. He LOVES Transformers. His world revolves around Transformers. He makes all the sounds and acts out the movie with his toys.

3. He loves to color and draw.

4. He is such a skinny little guy. He eats quite a bit, but he is just skinny.

5. He is a big cuddle bug, especially when he is a little tired. He puts his head down and snuggles in.

6. He is a sleepy head. He is always the last one up.

7. He is very sensitive and cries easily.

8. He is terrified of heights and has a huge fear of falling.

9. As gross as it sounds, his favorite game is to sneak up on Josh and toot on him. Got to love having boys around!

10. He loves books, especially ones about Transformers and Superheroes.


My Big Little Man

1. He is now in a booster seat. He loves using the real seat belt.

2. He knows how to write all his ABC's and can recognize them all, upper and lower.

3. He loves to copy words. He is always writing Emma & Cooper's name. He really loves to copy things from the Transformer website or the Lego website.

4. Along with all his writing, he has began his Christmas wish list. It is now 6 pages (he writes big). On his list are Transformers and Lego city sets. He also has a "To Be Earned List".

5. He is still a VERY picky eater. However, he has been helping me more in the kitchen. This has opened up his options, somewhat. He loves making "herb" chicken nuggets, breadsticks, and homemade pizza.

6. He loves to wrestle with Josh. They really wrestle! He can really hurt Josh.

7. He takes showers all by himself with no help from me.

8. He gets so upset when Cooper won't play with him. He just starts crying if Cooper wants to do something else.

9. He loves footy pj's.

10. He loves having his picture taken. He is always willing to pose for me or go along with my ideas for pictures. Therefore, there are many more pictures of him than of any of the other kids.


My Little Princess

1. She only sleeps in her room half the night. At some point, she quietly comes in our room and sleeps on the little kiddie couch. She always brings her blanket and a baby.

2. She loves to color and paint. She will sit for hours coloring, drawing, and painting.

3. She loves puzzles. She does the 24 piece puzzles all by herself. She really enjoys doing them.

4. She loves purses and pretend makeup. She likes taking her purse if we go somewhere. She puts the keys and my phone in her purse.

5. Not only does she like pretend makeup, she is always sneaking into my makeup. She puts on face lotion, deodorant, then powder and if no one is watching she gets into the mascara.

6. She always wants her nails painted. First, she always asks Daddy to do it. She sits patiently and loves to show off her sparkly toes.

7. She loves to eat bananas, yogurt, and cereal.

8. She wants to do everything herself. She doesn't want you to help her get dressed, pick out her clothes, put her shoes on, buckle the car seat, or put a movie in the dvd player.

9. Her favorite movies right now are Strawberry Shortcake (if someone can find a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle, send it our way. That is all she has been asking for and I can't find one!), Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dora.

10. She cries very loudly when she doesn't get her way. But, she will then put herself on a timeout. She runs screaming to her room, sits on her star rug, and screams "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY". I go back there, she stands up, and says "Sorry Mommy, I'm all better, I'm happy now."


My Little Monkey

1. Finally, he has started to crawl. He only crawls once in awhile, mostly when he doesn't think anyone is watching.

2. He is also walking around the tables and along the couch. Also, he is standing alone for a few seconds. He is so proud of himself when he is standing. He laughs and gets all excited!

3. All of a sudden, he has develop quite the temper. He freaks out if you take something away from him. He will gently lay down, and then kick and scream. It takes him a long time to get over it.

4. He loves to cuddle. He will nuzzle into your neck and hold on to you as tight as he can. He is a huge cuddle bug!

5. He is a very good sleeper!

6. He loves his brothers and sister. He gets so excited when they wake him up in the morning or from a nap.

7. Well, he usually loves his brothers and sister. He attacks Emma any chance he can get. He really likes to pull her hair.

8. He loves play peek-a-boo, either with a blanket or around a corner.

9. His favorite foods lately are yogurt, pancakes, ravioli, spaghetti or any type of noodles, and ritz crackers.

10. He still has no teeth!

Carson & Cooper's Latest Obession

When they are on the computer, they are looking at Transformer toys or Lego toys. Carson has already started his Christmas List (which includes 5 pages of Transformers and Lego city sets). When they are not on the computer, they are sneaking the iPhones away to watch Transformer videos on youtube. They watch other people transform the toys. At bedtime, they have to read for 15 minutes, and then they can have the phones. They lay in bed watching videos, or they play in their room, acting out the videos while they watch. While they love Legos, and they are still really into them, everything this week has been about Transformers. All conversations with them involve Transformers. They ask everyday when the #2 comes out on DVD. October 20th will be a very exciting day around here!

Weekly Review #4- Farm Week

This week's theme was farm week. We read books about the farm, colored farm animals, talked about what farm animals eat, and did some crafts. The boys had two play days with Cameron, Carson's new friend from school who happens to live around the corner from us. They were distracted also by their obsession with Transformers. So, mostly Emma and I did the crafts projects.

8 Years

On this day, 8 years ago, Joshua joined the Air Force. Since then, we have been stationed in Arkansas and California. He has gone to Iraq 2 times. He is now a Staff Sargent and Supervisor!!

Flashback Friday

September 2004
Pinnacle Mt. State Park, Arkansas
Carson (9 Months) & Me (and Cooper in my tummy)
September 2005
Carson & Cooper

September 2006
Portland while Josh was away
Carson, Cooper, & Emma (almost 2 months)
September 2007
Carson, Cooper, & Emma
September 2008
All 4 (Parker- 1 Month Old)