Friday, September 18, 2009

Carson & Cooper's Latest Obession

When they are on the computer, they are looking at Transformer toys or Lego toys. Carson has already started his Christmas List (which includes 5 pages of Transformers and Lego city sets). When they are not on the computer, they are sneaking the iPhones away to watch Transformer videos on youtube. They watch other people transform the toys. At bedtime, they have to read for 15 minutes, and then they can have the phones. They lay in bed watching videos, or they play in their room, acting out the videos while they watch. While they love Legos, and they are still really into them, everything this week has been about Transformers. All conversations with them involve Transformers. They ask everyday when the #2 comes out on DVD. October 20th will be a very exciting day around here!

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