Friday, September 18, 2009


My Little Princess

1. She only sleeps in her room half the night. At some point, she quietly comes in our room and sleeps on the little kiddie couch. She always brings her blanket and a baby.

2. She loves to color and paint. She will sit for hours coloring, drawing, and painting.

3. She loves puzzles. She does the 24 piece puzzles all by herself. She really enjoys doing them.

4. She loves purses and pretend makeup. She likes taking her purse if we go somewhere. She puts the keys and my phone in her purse.

5. Not only does she like pretend makeup, she is always sneaking into my makeup. She puts on face lotion, deodorant, then powder and if no one is watching she gets into the mascara.

6. She always wants her nails painted. First, she always asks Daddy to do it. She sits patiently and loves to show off her sparkly toes.

7. She loves to eat bananas, yogurt, and cereal.

8. She wants to do everything herself. She doesn't want you to help her get dressed, pick out her clothes, put her shoes on, buckle the car seat, or put a movie in the dvd player.

9. Her favorite movies right now are Strawberry Shortcake (if someone can find a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle, send it our way. That is all she has been asking for and I can't find one!), Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dora.

10. She cries very loudly when she doesn't get her way. But, she will then put herself on a timeout. She runs screaming to her room, sits on her star rug, and screams "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY". I go back there, she stands up, and says "Sorry Mommy, I'm all better, I'm happy now."

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