Friday, September 18, 2009


My Big Little Man

1. He is now in a booster seat. He loves using the real seat belt.

2. He knows how to write all his ABC's and can recognize them all, upper and lower.

3. He loves to copy words. He is always writing Emma & Cooper's name. He really loves to copy things from the Transformer website or the Lego website.

4. Along with all his writing, he has began his Christmas wish list. It is now 6 pages (he writes big). On his list are Transformers and Lego city sets. He also has a "To Be Earned List".

5. He is still a VERY picky eater. However, he has been helping me more in the kitchen. This has opened up his options, somewhat. He loves making "herb" chicken nuggets, breadsticks, and homemade pizza.

6. He loves to wrestle with Josh. They really wrestle! He can really hurt Josh.

7. He takes showers all by himself with no help from me.

8. He gets so upset when Cooper won't play with him. He just starts crying if Cooper wants to do something else.

9. He loves footy pj's.

10. He loves having his picture taken. He is always willing to pose for me or go along with my ideas for pictures. Therefore, there are many more pictures of him than of any of the other kids.

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