Friday, November 30, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Countdown- Day 1

Today it rained and rained and rained. It ruined quite a few of our plans for the day. However, we made the best of it. We had donuts for our treat in the morning. This of course made all 4 kids very happy. We spent the morning in our pj's and watched Arthur's Christmas. Later in the afternoon we went to the BX. The kids each got to pick out a present to donate to Toys for Tots. They look forward to this every year. The BX was so crowded, it was crazy. We must remember to avoid that place on Saturdays, especially when it is raining!! With the dark rainy skies it was hard to get many pictures from our day. I did love this one though. Silly faces only of course!

(Link to Main 25 Days of Christmas Post 2012, 2011)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Countdown 2012

Once again this year we will be celebrating the Christmas season with our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown. Each day will consist of an activity or craft, a special treat, movie time and the unwrapping and reading of our Christmas book of the day. All 4 of my kids look forward to this every year. The books are wrapped and ready for December 1st. You can check out last year's 25 Days of Christmas by clicking here: 2011 25 Days of Christmas Countdown

25 Days of Christmas Countdown 2012 (Book/Movie/Activity/Treat)

1- Joy of Giving, Arthur's Christmas, Toys for Tots, Treat Shop
2- Mickey Saves Santa, Mickey's Twice Upon Christmas, Letter to Santa, Pretzel M&M Kisses
3- Santa Duck, Home Alone, Melted Crayon Ornaments, Pizza Night
4- Froggy's Christmas, Home Alone 2, Battle Plan, Ice Cream Sundaes
5- Biggest Tree, Muppets Christmas, Tree Painting, Christmas Tree Brownies
6- Olive the Other Reindeer, Olive, Footprint Reindeer, Candy Cane Puppy Chow
7- Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, Santa Paws 2, Candy Houses, Candy Tree
8- Polar Express, Polar Express, PJ Party, Hot Cocoa
9- Barbie Christmas, Barbie Christmas, Barbie Yarn Santa Hats, Tea Party Treats
10- A Wish to be a Tree, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, People Trees, Sprinkle Cookies
11- Room for Little One, Santa Buddies, Tissue Paper Star Streamer, Muddy Buddies
12- 12 Days of Christmas, Dreamworks Christmas, Christmas Play, Reindeer Pancakes
13- Beauty & Beast Christmas, Beauty & Beast Christmas, Paper Snowflakes, Rice Krispie Treats
14- Mouse to the Movies, Charlie Brown Christmas, String Popcorn, Caramel Corn
15- Little Christmas Elf, Elf, Cookie Decorating, Sugar Cookies
16- Snowmen at Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, Beach Snow Man, Frosty Hat Cookies
17- How Murray Saved Christmas, Santa Clause, Curly Beard Santas, Cinnamon Toast Trees
18- Phineas & Ferb Christmas, Phineas & Ferb Christmas, Fringe Paper Trees, Peanut Butter Kisses
19- Veggietales, Veggietales, Coupon Book, Veggies & Dip
20- Who Will Guide my Sleigh Tonight, Santa Clause 2, Paper Plate Santa, Peppermint Cupcakes
21- Rudolph, Rudolph, Thumbprint Reindeer, Reindeer Donuts
22- The Grinch, The Grinch, Christmas Light Exploring, Hot Cocoa at Climax Coffee
23- Night Before the Night Before, Christmas Vacation, Okinawa Zoo Light Show, Fudge
24- Night Before Christmas, Prep and Landing, Handprint Tree Canvas, Hot Cocoa and Cookie
25- God Gave us Christmas, A Christmas Story, Thank you Notes, Pumpkin Pie

Monday, November 26, 2012

Grandma's 1st Visit- Day Four

Our last full day with Grandma and the sun was partially out. We went to the Seaside Cafe for breakfast and it was very yummy. Then we went to Toguchi Beach to walk around. Toguchi is one of the prettiest places on the island to walk around and explore, especially early in the morning or at sunset. We found lots of the creepy spidery starfish. The boys were very happy about that!

We spent the day hanging out and talking. Josh finally was feeling better and was able to join us. We took Grandma to CoCo's for dinner. No trip is complete without eating at CoCo's. We ate dinner then went down to Sunset Beach for the sunset and to play in the sand. After that we walked around American Village and looked at all the Christmas lights.

We had such a wonderful time with my Mom. It went by way too fast. The next day we woke up at 5am to watch the Civil War game. We had breakfast and then took Grandma to the airport. We are so grateful she was able to make the trip all the way to Okinawa to spend a few days with us. We can't wait for her next trip here with Grandpa!

Grandma's 1st Visit- Day Three

Day three started with a very sick Daddy. We were all so bummed he was sick and in bed all day. Also, it was another raining day but we didn't let that stop us from exploring. We headed out early to Okinawa World, Carson's favorite place on the island. It's pretty touristy, but he loves it. We walked through the cave, watched the Eisa show, checked out and the snakes. And of course, Grandma said yes to holding the big yellow snake. I was completely freaked out but the kids thought that was so cool!

After Okinawa World we stopped by Shuri Castle for a few minutes. It was pretty rainy, so my camera didn't get to capture everything we saw. After the castle we drove down to Kosuki-dori and walked up and down the street. Of course we stopped at the fish market and showed Grandma all the cool things there.

Our day ended with dinner on the beach and a walk at sunset.

Grandma's 1st Visit- Day Two

Of course our second day with Grandma was spent exploring the aquarium. Cooper had been looking forward to this for weeks. We checked out everything and watched the dolphin show. It rained off and on so we didn't get to walk around the beautiful Ocean Expo park grounds or on the beach. Still, the kids had so much fun showing Grandma everything.

Grandma's 1st Visit- Day One

Grandma finally made it to Okinawa after a very long flight. With only a few days to fit in as much as possible, we were very busy. On Wednesday Cooper had a field trip and did not want to skip it, so he went to school for that. The other kids of course chose to stay home. After dropping off Cooper we went to Starbucks then Sunset Beach to walk around.

After touring Josh's work we picked up Cooper then headed over to our friends side of the island. We decided to do Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night so I didn't have to cook on Thursday and we could use the day for exploring. We ate a very yummy dinner with a ton of food at the McMillan's. We took Grandma to the Lighthouse to walk around and then a sunset walk on the beach.

Mommy & Parker Time- Hamahiga Island

A few weeks ago for Parker's field trip, Diana and I took him out to Hamahiga Island. Hamahiga Island is a family favorite spot for us. We go out there frequently. I always love seeing all the fishing nets and I always mean to stop and take some pictures. On this day it finally happened. And of course Parker was all ready to pose for us and even make suggestions for photo setups. He is so silly!

Of course the other kids want to go to Hamahiga and walk around for their own photo shoot. I'm sure it will happen soon.