Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Thankful for . . .

Josh who supports our family and works really hard everyday.
Carson who is smart and caring and full of funny stories.
Cooper who is a wonderful cuddler and always has an interesting question.
Emma who is stubborn yet beautiful and full of life.
Parker who is growing older everyday, his wonderful smile, and his hilarious faces.

"Josh & the Kids clothes lined up for the next day"


Our weekend consisted of many games of Monopoly. Carson LOVES the game!

- if someone happens to come across the Transformer edition, let me know!

Singing in the Rain

The kids couldn't resist going out to play in the rare rain. It was a pretty big thunderstorm. They had so much fun!

Happy Turkey Day!

Santa Buddies Movie Night

What's better than new Christmas pj's, a new Christmas movie, and cuddling in Mommy & Daddy's bed?

Hanging Up Lights

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Bailey had her puppies last night. She had a girl at midnight and a boy at 1:30am. They are adorable and look just like Nelson. She is an excellent mommy! Bailey is doing great job!

Shopping Day

Toys R Us
I got 3 presents and saved $26.00.

I got 3 presents, 8 cans of veggies & fruit, 4 cleaning products, 5 cake mixes, 2 bags of stuffing, 5 tubs of wipes, 2 peanut butters, 2 mascaras, 4 bags of marshmallows, and 24 pack of batteries. I saved $82.91.

I saved $49.62.

6 pairs of pj's & 1 outfit for Emma. I ordered online. I got free shipping, paid $55.67, and saved $132.59!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Week . . .

- Josh and I went to Carson's first parent-teacher conference. We got his first report card. He is doing great!!

- Josh put up Christmas lights all day Saturday.

- It rained on Friday, but only for an 1 hour. We were hoping for more!

- Saturday night we had Cameron and his parents over for ice cream sundaes.

- On Sunday, we found out that my 13 year old dog, Bailey, is pregnant and due any day! My parents are going to have their hands full! They just got their new Old English Sheepdog a week ago.

Carson's Big Day

On Friday we all went to Carson's Thanksgiving program at school. The kindergartens were all dressed up as turkeys. They sang 5 songs. It was so CUTE!! Carson received an award for "Citizenship and being a terrific over-all student"!! He was the only kindergartener in all 3 classes to get an award like that!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

November Shopping #3

I got 4 pairs of pj's, 1 package of underwear, huge Mr. Potato Head set, 3 hot wheels sets, 3 sets of markers, and a dog pull toy. I spent $40.58 and saved $179.86!

Toys R Us
I saved 74.00 between two trips.

I saved $45.00 between two trips

I saved $112.39, 43%. I also earned $8.50 for next time.

Last Week . . .

- found out he has a girlfriend, Abby, that he shares with his 2 friends (it's starting already, yikes!)
- helped Josh clean the house
- had a terrible cough

- had a bad cold
- asked all sorts of questions about God
- watched Transformers 2 at least 3 times
- loves saying "hold your horses" and "oh, pickle juice"

- moody, moody, moody!

- walks everywhere and is getting pretty fast
- more teeth came in
- had the cold also
- tries to play Transformers with the boys

The Lights are Going Up

Josh started putting lights up last night. Unfortunately, it got dark too fast.

Nothing Better than a Sunday Afternoon Nap

Banana Boy

Pirate & Princess Cupcakes

"Up" Movie Day & Riding Bikes with Cameron

Working on Wishlists

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kids Wishlist's

Toys R Us

Amazon Books (Still buy 3 get 1 free)

Its Looking Like Christmas Around Here!

Yesterday we decided to put up the Christmas tree. We have never had a full size tree at our house. Either Josh was in Iraq and we were in Portland, or we were visiting Portland for Christmas. This year we finally got to put all our ornaments on the tree! All the ornaments are up high enough so Parker doesn't get them.

November Shopping #2

I saved $148.99, plus I got $30 Kohl's giftcard, + 6.50 off next shopping trip. Very good week!

3 Costumes on clearance for $3.24 each, saved $34.50.
6 boxes of wipes for $0.57 each

Pretty tree skirt and a few ornaments, saved $37.00.

Toys R Us
Hasbro game sale
2 Memory games, 2 Chutes & Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry O - 3.99 each
Connect 4- 9.99
Saved $54.00 + I got a $15 gift certificate for next time + $9 rebate on the games.

4 kids Tylenol kids medicines + 1 bottle of hand sanitizer for $9.28
Saved: $27.00

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday Joshua!!