Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Update

Josh- He is busy at work. He will be turning 27 on Thursday! Next month he will be running the California International Marathon.

Me- After spending half of October being sick with bronchitis, I am looking forward to getting some things accomplished this month. I also want to get a head start on Christmas.

Carson- He is doing great at school! They have been working on letter sounds, simple sentences, and counting. He has a really good friend from school, Cameron, whom both boys love playing with. He is already working on his Christmas list for Santa.

Cooper- He has been pretty silly lately. His world revolves around Transformers. He just loves that movie and all the guys. He is still skinny as can be, but oh so cute!

Emma- She is definitely a girl. She can be very moody! She loves playing with the boys. The boys go to bed around 7:30, but she stays up, watches movies and snacks. Her hair is getting so long!!

Parker- He is finally walking. He started about 4 days ago!! Also, he is finally getting teeth, all of them, all at once! Cooper is his little buddy. He loves playing with Cooper. He also loves to attack Emma. He is still sleeping great, all night for 12 hours, and of course with his blankie!

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