Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Journal: Week 3: Jan.15th-Jan.21st

Saturday, January 15th: Today we slept in and had donuts. The kids played all day. We watched football and just hung out until Church. We went to Church. The kids had a great time. Once again Parker walked right into his class. It was a great service. We came home and had a late dinner. The kids watched iCarly before bed.

Sunday, January 16th: Today we slept in again. I went grocery shopping. We watched football. The kids built Legos and played the Wii. They watched "Alpha & Omega" for movie night. I made a yummy stir-fry. We are all so happy we have another day off tomorrow.

Monday, January 17th: Today Josh and I were determined to get something done. Josh washed the cars and they look brand new. I caught up on some laundry. We made our usual night before school triple batch of waffles. It has been a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, January 18th: Today was an early morning. AJ came over at 6:00am. Josh got up early and went to work out. We all took the boys to school. Cooper had speech today and enjoyed it. Carson had science, he just loves science. I love that! This evening we worked on homework and a little Disneyland planning. There are now 16 people all together going. It is going to be so much fun!

Wednesday, January 19th: Today the sun finally broke through the fog. The boys had good days at school. When Carson got home we all went outside. Finally, sun! We rode bikes and played hopscotch. Daniel, our neighbor and AJ's Dad, played chase with the kids. Around 4:00 the mosquitos came out and we headed inside. We ate dinner then Carson got ready for Cub Scouts. Since Josh was stuck at work again, Troy took Carson for me. Tonight they got to visit the police department. Carson loved it. He came home and told me all about taser guns. Josh had a basketball game and they won!

Thursday, January 20th: Today AJ came over right before we left for school. Josh left for work a little earlier than usual. He had an award ceremony to go to. He received an award for "NCO of the Quarter." It's a really cool looking award and a big award. After school we played outside again. We went for a walk and rode bikes. The boys finished their homework. Carson has a bad cough so I got everyone into bed a little early.

Friday, January 21st: Today AJ came over early. Everyone was very happy today was Friday. Cooper had a rough day at school. He is just very sensitive, poor little guy. Carson had a good day. He had big buddies, which he loves. After school we, or I should say I, tried to pick up a little. We went and got pizza. The kids danced in the car to "Big Time Rush" like little crazy kids. We had pizza and played the Wii. Josh had to work late so no movie night tonight.

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