Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Journal: Week 1: Jan.1st-Jan.7th

Saturday, January 1st: Today we took the Christmas tree and decorations down. The house is so bare. The kids were very entertained with all their new toys and games. Carson put together a Lego Prince of Persia castle while watching the movie. We talked to Grandma & Grandpa a few times on skype. We also tried to clean and organize the kids rooms.

Sunday, January 2nd: Today was our last day to sleep in, so we didn't go to Church. I went grocery shopping. We watched football and continue to organize all the kids new stuff. The main issue is the boys' clothes. They are getting bigger so their clothes take up a lot more room. Tonight we made a triple batch of waffles for breakfast this week. Josh and I worked really hard getting the boys to sleep before 8:00. Tomorrow morning is going to be hard for all of us.

Monday, January 3rd: Today both my alarm and Josh's 3 alarms did not go off. I was supposed to be up at 6:30 for AJ. Abbie had to text me to wake me up. It was a crazy morning. The boys were tired and didn't want to get ready for school. However, they did have great days and are happy to be back. Parker and Emma played with AJ today. They just love him, it's so cute to watch them together. We had a yummy dinner and again tried getting the boys in bed and asleep by 7:30.

Tuesday, January 4th: Today was another rough morning, but luckily our alarms worked. AJ came over at 6:30. The boys got ready as slow as possible. Cooper had speech at school today. He said they played a really hard game but he didn't get frustrated. He was very proud of this. Carson had a fun day also but he was tired when he got home. Today we made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was very yummy. Josh had a basketball at 5:30 so he was home early from work.

Wednesday, January 5th: Today Carson woke up on the wrong side of the bed, poor guy. He did not have a good morning. I didn't have AJ today so Emma and I decided to finally get my new sewing machine out. It took quite some time to remember how to thread everything properly, but eventually I figured it out. The kids all picked out fabric for blankets last fall. Today we made Emma's blanket and Parker's blanket. They turned out great. They love them. Carson had Cub Scouts tonight. Josh was at work, so luckily Troy took him so I didn't have to take everyone. Josh had a basketball game tonight at 7:30 so he was home a little after 9:00.

Thursday, January 6th: Today AJ came over at 6:30. We all took the boys to school, which meant Josh had to sit in the way back until we dropped the kids off. They all thought that was pretty funny. Today Parker played with his Batman toys for over an hour. He was having so much fun and so was AJ. After school the boys finished their homework for the week. We watched some iCarly and made homemade pizza. Today was cold, 39 degrees and foggy, all day, no temperature change at all.

Friday: January 7th: Today I watched AJ for only an hour. The boys were excited today was Friday and that they could wear their school spirit shirts. Cooper had a good day, no crying or getting mad. Carson had a fun day also, playing Twilight and spending time with his big buddy. After school we played Epic Mickey together. Then we went and got pizza. The kids watched iCarly for a little bit while scrapbooked a page finally. Josh got home from work just in time for our Bible story and bedtime prayers.

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