Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Journal: Week 2: Jan.8th-Jan.14th

Saturday, January 8th: Today Josh had to go into work for a few hours early. That worked out well for the kids because he brought home "The Pink Box" donuts. Carson really loves the donuts there. The kids spent the day playing the Wii, building Legos, and playing games. Josh watched the Seahawk game and nearly lost his voice, but they won! Tonight we had our family movie night. We watched "Flight of the Navigator". The kids really liked it. Can you believe that movie was made in 1986?? I was 5 and Josh was 4, crazy. Carson has a little cold, hopefully it doesn't spread.

Sunday, January 9th: Today we got up early and went to Church. Parker walked right into his class with no crying. He was excited to go! The kids all had a great time. The message today was , "It's Never Too Late to Change". After church we had a late breakfast. Josh had to pick a guy up from the airport. When he got back I went to the grocery store. We spent the afternoon watching football. For dinner I made waffles, a triple batch. Hopefully that will be enough to last all week for breakfast. Josh and I had BBQ chicken, very yummy!

Monday, January 10th: Today Cooper and Parker woke up with Carson's cold. Nothing seriously, just a lot of sneezing and snot. Cooper had a great day at school. He came home happy. Carson had a great day also. Both boys wore their Duck gear to school. They were so excited for the game tonight. We had dinner and then all sat together to watch the game. The boys weren't able to stay up for the whole game, they were bummed, but Oregon was down. Unfortunately, Oregon lost.

Tuesday, January 11th: Today the boys woke and and asked about the game. They were pretty bummed when we told them the Ducks lost. Parker had fun with AJ today. He decided to get out all his Geotrax and teach him all about trains. Cooper had snack today at school. Tonight we just hung out. The kids watched Aladdin before bed.

Wednesday, January 12th: Today the boys were up early, trying to sneak in some extra Wii time. Josh stopped by the house around 12 to change before his dentist appointment. When he got home he wasn't in as much pain as the last visit, thank goodness. The boys had a crabby afternoon. Josh had a basketball game. He got home just in time for Bible time. The kids were asleep by 7:30. We watched a little TV and then went to bed.

Thursday, January 13th: Today we had a fun day with AJ. He turned 6 months old today. He is almost sitting by himself and has 2 teeth. Cooper had the share bag today at school. He brought his stuffed doggy "Cookie". Carson had a fun day at school also. Josh got home from work and hung out a little before he left for his basketball game. The kids are excited for school tomorrow and pizza night.

Friday, January 14th: Today AJ came over early. He is such a great baby. He fell asleep on the couch, right where Emma and Parker were playing monopoly. He took his entire nap right there, with the noise and everything. Carson and Cooper had fun Friday's at school. It was warm and sunny today. Josh and I picked up the house. We had pizza and ice cream. We are all so happy about our 3 day weekend!

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