Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 278 of 365

Today Cooper woke up with a sore throat. I told him to stay home from school, he cried and insisted on going. So I took him to school. An hour later the school nurse called and said he had a fever of 102. I picked him up, came home and gave him some advil (since you can't buy tylenol still) and he rested. He was upset that I made him sit on the couch and rest. He was bored and did not want to watch movies. By this evening he was much better. Today Josh found out he won a big award, NCO of the Quarter. It's a hard award to win. He was very happy when he found out he won, especially since he had to write his package himself. Carson had a good day at school. They started working on subtraction. He just loves math but reading not so much. Emma was very upset we did not make it to our MOPS meeting today. She was really looking forward to going. She loves going to play with her friends. Parker has a bad cough but other than that he is pretty happy. This evening we colored ghosts and went on a walk with the Bassett family.

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