Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They're Back

Josh and the kids (Carson, Cooper, and Emma) were gone all last week. Josh took them up to Portland. They went to the zoo, played in the garden, played with the dogs, went to the Greek festival, and had a great time. That is, until Carson got sick on Saturday. He was so sick with a sinus infection. He wouldn't eat or drink and slept all day. He is much better now. Cooper got sick on the drive back home, no fun!

On Sunday, Josh ran in the Portland Marathon. He kicked butt!!!!! He ran it really fast and shred more than 20 minutes off his last time. I am so proud of him!!!

So, this week everyone is feeling better. My dad and brother are visiting for a few days, so that is always fun. Josh is really busy at work. But, we are getting back into our routine.

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