Monday, November 21, 2011

Our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown

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This year for our advent calendar we will be doing something really fun. Daddy will be away for half of December. We will need something to keep us busy. This will be our first Christmas in Okinawa. We are really missing our friends and family. We really miss our church back in California. I really want to make this Christmas special for the kids. Christmas is always a really exciting time of year for us. We have been collecting Christmas books and movies, adding more each year. The kids always love reading these books, watching the movies, doing fun Christmas crafts and making yummy treats. I decided to combine all our favorites into our 25 days of Christmas Countdown. Each day we will read a Christmas book, watch a Christmas movie, make a fun craft or do a fun Christmas activity, and eat a yummy treat. Some days everything will relate to each other, other times it might just be certain parts.

I gathered our 25 Christmas books and wrapped them in brown shipping paper, wrapped crepe paper around them and added the day. I made 3 different tags for each day, 1 for the movie, 1 for the craft/activity, and the other for the treat. I wrote the info on the back. Each day all 4 kids will get to open a part. I love how the books turned out. I think they are really cute. The kids are really excited for our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown!

Our 25 Days of Christmas (Movie/ Book/ Craft, Activity/ Treat)
Day 1 HOME ALONE, Santa Duck, Make Wish List, Cheese Pizza & Ice Cream Sundaes
Day 2 HOME ALONE 2, Mouse to the Movies, String Popcorn, Christmas Popcorn
Day 3 THE GRINCH, The Grinch, Grinch Mask, Grinch Milkshakes
Day 4 WILLY WONKA, A Wish to be a Tree, Decorate Candy House, Christmas Tree Candy Kabobs
Day 5 BARBIE A PERFECT CHRISTMAS, Barbie A Perfect Christmas, Barbie Christmas Party, Naughty & Nice Sundaes
Day 6 GOTTA CATCH SANTA, 12 Days of Christmas, 12 Days Craft, 12 Things Mix
Day 7 SANTA BUDDIES, Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, Bell & Bead Necklace, White Chocolate Santa Dogs
Day 8 CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, Joy of Giving, Decorate Each Other as Trees, Christmas Brownies
Day 9 SANTA CLAUS, How Murray Saved Santa, Movable Santa, North Pole Cupcakes
Day 10 SANTA CLAUS 2, Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight, 2 Minute to Win It games, Reindeer Candy Bar
Day 11 VEGGIETALES A MEANINGFUL LIFE, God Gave Us Christmas, Nativity Scene, Star Cinnamon Toast
Day 12  MICKEY'S TWICE UPON A CHRISTMAS, Mickey Saves Santa, Coloring Page, Cinnabun Popcorn
Day 13 SNOW DAY, Snowmen at Christmas, Cotton Ball Snowman, Ice Cream Snowman
Day 14 OLIVE, Olive, Reindeer Paper Chain, Reindeer Noses
Day 15 MUPPETS CHRISTMAS, Room for Little One, Star Streamer, Star Cookies
Day 16 CHRISTMAS VACATION, Biggest Tree, Paper Tree, Cookies
Day 17 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS, Beauty & Beast Enchanted Christmas, Fancy DressUp tea party, little treats for tea party
Day 18 PHINEAS AND FERB CHRISTMAS, Phineas & Ferb Christmas, 2 Minute to Win It games, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
19 VEGGIETALES LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, Veggietales Saint Nicholas, Feet Tree, Christmas Cookie
20 ELF, Little Christmas Elf, Elf Hat, Elf Cupcakes
21 POLAR EXPRESS, Polar Express, Cotton Ball Fight, Hot Chocolate, popcorn
22 RUDOLPH, Rudolph, ISpy, paper plate reindeer, Reindeer Cupcakes
23 A CHRISTMAS CAROL, The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, 2 Minute to Win It games, Christmas Pancakes
24 PREP & LANDING, Night Before Christmas, Thank you Note for Santa, Santa's plate
25 A CHRISTMAS STORY, Adventure Bible Story, Family Thank you Notes, fudge

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  1. love this idea! I've been gathering books all month to wrap up and do the same!

  2. This is so sweet i love it! I do something very similar with our children but we tend to do one thing. One day it will say watcxh a christmas film etc...yours sounds much more fun!!

  3. such a great idea. Really brings you together! I thank you and your husband for your service to our country. My niece graduates from Marine boot camp this Friday! God Bless!

  4. I Love this! Building family strength and wonderful memories. I shared this with our craft moms on CafeMom group - Holiday and Party Crafts - with a link back here for the instructions. Thank you for sharing! ~Yolanda~