Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Cooper's Party

Cooper is having his birthday party tomorrow at the park from 10-12. So, today I had to get everything ready for the morning. There are quite a few people coming to his party. He wanted to invite a few kids from his class, therefore you have to invite the whole class. Not including parents and siblings, I believe there will be 16-17 kids that I know of. It should be a lot of fun for Cooper.

Today I made shark cupcakes. Luckily my friend Erica is making another batch of cupcakes for the party. The 18 I made would not be enough for everyone. As party favors I made gummy shark and octopus candy kabobs. I think they are so cute!

Now we are just waiting and hoping Daddy's flight gets back here in time for the party tomorrow.

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