Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Counting Down

Life is crazy right now. Very busy going through everything and getting ready for the movers. Josh is very busy in training down in Florida, but luckily he will be home next week! I can't believe how fast time has passed since we learned we would be moving to Okinawa.

9 days until Joshua comes home!

12 days until the movers come for our Household Goods- basically everything we are taking to Japan, beds, toys, furniture, electronics, kitchen supplies, dishes, books, scrapbook supplies, etc.

19 days until the movers come for our Unaccompanied Baggage- much smaller move, Josh's uniforms, extra clothes, bedding, towels, few pots and pans, and dishes

27 days until the final movers come to put the rest of our stuff into storage.

29 days until we are out of the hosue.

30 days until Carson & Cooper's last day of school

30 days until our last day in California and we head up to Portland for 11 days

36 days until Josh and I go on our first vacation together for 2 nights and 3 days, just us, since having kids!!

42 days until we go up to Seattle to catch our flight

43 days until we are on the plane headed to Okinawa

Look out Japan- the Hager's are coming!!

(One other note- any ideas for the title of the new blog while we are in Japan the next 3 years?)

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