Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Journal: Week 15-18

Clearly, I have gotten behind with our journal. Life has been crazy busy. Here is a recap.

Week 15: April 9th- April 15th: Both boys were busy with baseball games and practices. Josh spent the week preparing for his upcoming TDY. On the 12th Josh and I were honored to be invited to AJ's final adoption court date. It was an amazing experience. We are so happy for the Browning family. It was such a special moment in their life and I am grateful we were able to be there. This week I took Parker and Emma to the MOPS field trip at the local fire station. They LOVED it! It was great to see some friends and talk about our upcoming move. My Dad came down the 14th and stayed 2 nights. Josh and I were able to go out to dinner each night and even a movie. I love when my Dad visits. He is so great with all the kids and doesn't hesitate to say "go on, get out of the house". On Friday, the 15th Josh got a call that our passports came in, yay!! We got them a lot earlier than we expected.

Week 16: April 16th-April 22nd: My Dad helped me drive up to Portland with the kids on the 16th. Well, actually, he drove the whole way. Josh flew to Florida the 17th. He started his Combat Air Space training on the 18th. He will be gone for almost 4 weeks. We had an amazing week in Portland filled with all sorts of fun and great adventures. Despite a bad cold passing through the kids we had a fun week and a super great Easter.

Week 17: April 23rd- April 29th: We drove home the 23rd. Actually, my Uncle Kurt, the kids Great Great Uncle, drove down with me to help, and yes, he drove the whole way. He only stayed one day, but the kids had so much fun with him. It was wonderful to have some help, even if it was for a short time. The boys only each had 1 game this week. Parker started getting sick on Friday. He had a fever and was crabby. No fun.

Week 18: April 30th- May 6th: On the 30th the boys had their baseball pictures taken. Parker was acting normal in the morning, but by the end of baseball pictures he was warm and not happy. We ran to Target after pictures and by then Carson started not feeling well. The next 2 days were spent with all 4 sick, high fevers, headaches and lots of naps. Napping never occurs in our house, so if anyone is sleeping during the day you know something is wrong. We watched lots of movies. I have some wonderful friends that got more medicine when I needed it. By Tuesday everyone was feeling better. I started going through my scrapbook supplies and gave a ton to my good friend Nicole. I tackled all 3 kids' bedrooms. Oh my, that was a huge, huge, ginormous job. Parker's room is now filled with things to sell/give away, and I mean it's full with a ton of clothes and toys. The garage is full of trash and stuff to go to the dump. The movers came and took a survey of everything we are taking to Japan. They estimated 7200lbs. I find that hard to believe. They will be coming May 16th to pack and the 17th to load the truck. The "For Rent" sign was put in the yard. Friday a couple came to look at the house. Busy, busy, busy. The weather has been great, although it was 90, 91, and 87, a little too hot for me, but perfect pool weather for the kids. Finally, this week my blog was nominated as one of the top 25 military family blogs. There is voting going on through May 25th. You can vote once a day by clicking on the top 25 button on the right side of my blog, then scrolling down on the new website until you see my blog and clicking vote.

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