Saturday, June 30, 2012

Portland Visit 2012- Joshua & Me

Josh and I were so excited for a trip to Portland. We were very excited to see our families. We were also very excited to have babysitters. Josh and I never go out without the kids. Josh travels all the time and we really miss each other when we are apart. We had so many wonderful moments together while we were on vacation. We love spending time together and always have so much fun with one another.

Here are some more pictures of us with some of our family members. I love this one of me and my Dad. I also love this one of my nephew Harrison. I was so happy I finally got to meet him. He is just too cute and always happy!

Josh took me clothes shopping. It was so exciting to go to real stores and shop. Online shopping gets so old after awhile.

Josh didn't shave at all the first 2 weeks we were there. If he doesn't have to work, he is not going to shave. This was the last day of his beard. He was so proud of it! Luckily, he shaved it off for our trip to Disneyland and Vegas!

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