Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49 of 365

Today was Cooper's 5th Birthday. He went out for donuts and hot chocolate with Daddy. He played the Wii and watched 1 of his new Super Mario movies. We made Princess & the Frog cupcakes. After Parker's nap we went to Target. He got to pick out a present. He really wanted to get something Princess & the Frog, but they didn't have anything. So, he picked out a Star Wars starfighter. He picked McDonald's for dinner. Josh made it home in time for cupcakes and presents. Cooper got some clothes, some Princess & the Frog books, a book all about Elephants, a new wii remote, and some Super Mario DVD's. He had a great birthday. On Saturday we will have a little party with Cameron and his family. 5 years old, one whole hand, unbelievable!

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