Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month 2 of 12

February went by so fast. We took our annual Disney trip. Aunt Chelsea came with us and we had so much fun. Cooper turned 5! He is getting so old. The kids and I spent the month passing around a cold. We learned that Josh would be leaving us for 6 months again to go to Bahrain.

- Worked on sight words at school
- Started waking up around 5:30-6 to play the Wii before school
- Loves math

- Likes when Carson goes to school so he can have the Wii to himself
- Loves watching Star Wars movies
- Has been eating bananas
- Turned 5 with a Princess & the Frog birthday

- Sleeping more nights in her room
- Completely potty trained with hardly any accidents
- Loves watching Cinderella, over and over

- Loves playing with the Geotrax
- Does a happy dance whenever Josh walks through the door
- Loves playing outside no matter what the weather is
- Likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

- He will be going to Bahrain, with 1 week notice

- I got pretty roses for Valentine's Day
- Tried some new recipes
- Did a little scrapbooking

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