Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Journal: Week 13: Mar.26th-Apr.2nd

Saturday, March 26th: Today the rain didn't stop, so no baseball once again. The kids at this point are sick of being stuck in the house. It has rained and rained, no fun! We spent the day hanging out, trying to come up with something different and exciting to do. No such luck.

Sunday, March 27th: Today the rain has finally let up. However, everything is soaked and flooded. It will take a while for everything to clear up! Josh had to work for a few hours, bummer, especially since the plane never ended up taking off. The kids built Legos and painted.

Monday, March 28th: Today Parker had speech. He had a great session. This week the clinic was honoring the Armed Forces. They made Parker a treat bag with lots of goodies. They also got Josh and I four yummy cupcakes. It was so sweet of them. Josh took the day off, with hopes that tonight Carson would have his first baseball game. Unfortunately, the fields are just too wet. No baseball.

Tuesday, March 29th: Today it was sunny. So nice! Cooper was supposed to have baseball practice but the fields are still too wet. We played outside for awhile when Carson got home. The kids were so happy to be outside!

Wednesday, March 30th: Today was Josh and my 9th wedding anniversary! Crazy, isn't it? I can't believe it has already been 9 years. Josh had to work most the day, but he got me some beautiful pink roses. We were able to have a late dinner and watched a movie together. The kids were so sweet, they were bummed we couldn't go on a date, so cute!

Thursday, March 31st: Today Parker had speech early. Emma had special time with Daddy. Tonight the boys finally had baseball, both of them, and of course Josh was at work. Cooper had practice at 5 at Fosket Ranch while Carson had a practice game at 5:30 at Carlin C. Coppin. Luckily, our neighbor Daniel was able to take Carson to his practice game. The kids and I went to Cooper's practice for an hour then we all went to the end of Carson's practice game. All 4 kids were so muddy because nothing has dried out completely yet. We got home at bedtime and everyone still had to take quick showers. It was a long evening, but both boys were so happy to have baseball practice.

Friday, April 1st: Today Josh had M-16 training all day. It started early so he was able to get home earlier than normal. The boys had great days at school. They are really working hard and are so happy to have recess again now that the rain has stopped. We had our usual pizza of course. Tomorrows the big day- finally, baseball games!

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