Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs and Pizza Party

The kids were all really excited to dye Easter eggs. They had been waiting all week. The whole family came over and the kids were so excited Jack got to come and play. Cooper, Emma, Parker, and Jack did about 3 or 4. Carson spent another hour dying eggs and decorating them. He loved it! After eggs we had a pizza party and Egg Race.

Let's get started
Fun times
Carson dying eggs by himself- he just loved it and thought it was so cool!
Our finished eggs- beautiful
Our Pizza Delivery Men- Uncle Ryan & Grandpa
Time to Eat
Of course Uncle Ryan chose to sit with the kids.
All ready for the egg race
We told the kids they could crack the egg on their head and it wouldn't break. "1,2,3- break the egg on your head". Uncle Ryan slammed his egg on his head and CRACK! Little did he know, Cooper and I had a special, uncooked egg just for him. He was shocked! The kids all died laughing. It was hilarious!!
Our Little Band- I'm sure the neighborhood loved us. They were so loud!!

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