Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Journal: Week 14: Apr.2nd-Apr.8th

Saturday, April 2nd: Today both boys finally had their first baseball games. Everyone is so happy the rain has stopped so they can play. Cooper's game was first at 8:30. It was so funny watching. Cooper had so much fun, he loved it! We rushed home after Cooper's game. Josh had to go to work. Cooper changed really fast and Carson got dressed for his game. We made it to Carson's game at 10:30 for warm-ups. The game started at 11 and lasted 2 hours. Carson did a great job. He hit 2/3 at bats. He looked so grown up out there on the field. So cute! It was 1:00 by the time we were done. The kids were starving and done with baseball. We spent the afternoon relaxing and hanging out.

Sunday, April 3rd: Today Josh worked all day in the backyard cleaning it up. It was really overgrown. Now it is beautiful and perfect for the kids to play outside now that the weather is nicer. I went grocery shopping and we had BBQ chicken for dinner. It is so nice to be outside with the warm sunshine and no more rain!

Monday, April 4th: Today Parker had speech and had a lot of fun. Today was Carson's big dentist appointment. He had a molar pulled and a cavity filled. He was such a trooper!!! So proud of him. Hopefully now he understands better the importance of brushing. Carson was supposed to have practice, but he stayed home of course. Josh took Cooper to his baseball game. They had a great time together.

Tuesday, April 5th: Today I had AJ. He crawls everywhere, pulls himself up on everything and puts anything in his mouth. Parker and Emma are really loving this stage with AJ. He crawls after them and all 3 play so well together! Today was Cooper's dentist appointment. He struggled a little bit more. He inherited my intense gag reflex, sorry buddy. Carson had his baseball game. Josh took him. This was the first game Josh has been able to watch. They had fun together, especially since they took Daddy's car.

Wednesday, April 6th: Today was windy, but not rainy. Cooper had practice tonight. Carson chose to stay home with Josh while the other kids wanted to go to practice. It was windy and cold! Cooper was freezing but he had fun!

Thursday, April 7th: Today Parker had speech. Both boys had great days at school. They were both so excited for their Open House at school tonight. We all went at 6:00. First we went to Cooper's class. He was so proud of all his projects. He showed us all around his room. He loved it! Then we went to Carson's class. He showed us all his charts, told us about class rules and then showed us the music and science class. Both boys were so proud of all their hard work, and so were Josh and I. They are doing great in school!

Friday, April 8th: Today the kids were excited for 5:00 to come. Nicole offered to watch the kids so Josh and I could go out to dinner. Josh and I only go out, just the two of us, maybe 3-4 times a year. The kids had so much fun with Nicole, Cam and Tanner! I think they were bummed when we got home. Josh and I had a nice dinner. It was great being able to talk about everything without interruptions. I wish we could make this a monthly thing instead of a 3-4 month thing.

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