Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 1- Okinawa

Saturday, June 18th: Today was our first full day here. The kids woke up at 4am. They all had a ton of energy and were not tired really. Josh and I were exhausted.  The BX opened at 9am so we sat around until then. We walked to the BX, the boys got haircuts and then we got some groceries. Later in the afternoon we took taxis off base to the American Village. While it is called the American Village, we only saw 2 or 3 Americans. The kids dipped their toes in the ocean and then we headed back. We were all asleep by 7.

Sunday, June 19th: Today the kids were up again early at 4:45. We spent the day walking back and forth from the BX. The BX is really the only thing in walking distance. It was not a very exciting Father's Day, but we tried to make it special.

Monday, June 20th: Today the kids slept in until 5:15. Josh started his in-processing today so he was gone from 7-2. We should find out about a house in 3-5 days, not that we have one, but how long it will be until we can get one on base. The kids and I walked to the BX a few times. When Josh got home we walked to the base movie theater and saw Kung Fu Panda 2. The kids really enjoyed that! As we were walking home we got stuck in a major rain storm. It only lasted 5 minutes but it poured. We were soaked!!! The water was so warm, it felt like taking a shower!

Tuesday, June 21st: Today the kids finally slept in until 5:45. Josh and Parker took a taxi to Dunkin Donuts and brought back a yummy breakfast treat. Later Josh and Carson took a taxi off base to look at cars. Looks like we will be driving a mini-van- yuck! Oh well, at least we will all fit in one car. We are trying to decide on the white mazda van or the green honda van. While they looked at cars the rest of us went to the grocery store. After lunch we all went to the pool for 2 hours. We had so much fun. The kids loved getting all that energy out and being loud! After the pool we went to the BX and got our new white iPhones.

Wednesday, June 22nd: Today Josh had a Newcomer's Briefing all day. The kids and I walked over for the driving portion. We took our driving test, which was only a 20 question test. It was easy but the whole driving thing here is crazy. We had hoped to get our car today but it will be a few more days. We have picked it out though so the process has started. We are all getting tired of not being able to get around.

Thursday, June 23rd: Today we went grocery shopping and stopped by the post office to check our mail. We were offered housing on base. Josh went and looked at it. He said it was horrible, worse than Beale and Little Rock. Also, we could only live there until Feb 2013 due to renovations. We have decided to live off base. Tomorrow we will be able to start looking off base for a house. Josh went to his work and saw his office. I think he is not too sure about the whole thing. He never has had an office and I think he prefers to be in the tower. But, that was just first impressions, he may end up loving it. We did not get our car today or the loaner car. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be done and we can get it. Right now our days are filled with yahtzee, go fish, uno, playing on the iPhones and iPad, coloring and walking to the BX.

Friday, June 24th: Today Josh went to housing right when they opened to start the living off-base process. Today he went and looked at 3 different houses. All were very old, run down and not very safe. It was frustrating. Tomorrow we have 3 more appointments at different places. It looks like if we want something more modern we are going to have to pay extra. It was a discouraging day. However, we did get to pick up our new car this afternoon! We drove around the base and went off base for a little bit. It was so nice getting out of the hotel room! Josh picked out a great car. Now we just need a house!

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