Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photography Projects 2013

I have decided to start a blog dedicated more to my photography. I will continue to post on this blog frequently as well. To follow my photography projects, you can follow my blog, Shannon Hager Photography. I really hope work on my photography this year before I consider taking the next step.

Project 365 2013: This year I am committing to this project. I will be posting daily in a CM 365 Facebook group, as well as a Project 365 website, and on this blog. I am really looking forward to this project. I know this can only help me improve my photography skills.

Project 52 2013: I will also be committing to this project. I will be posting weekly on this blog and on the CM 52 Facebook group. This project suggests a theme for every week. I am looking forward to trying to stick to the theme.

Instagram 365: I love taking Instagram pictures. I always have my phone with me. I love the different filters and the fun memories I have captured. I will post them weekly on this blog. You can always check out my Instagram photos HERE.

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