Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Week has Passed

So clearly I didn't get around to getting the blog set up last week. However, this is my goal this week. We celebrated Parker's 1st Birthday on Saturday! He had a pirate party. He took a few bites of his cake but he didn't really dig into it like the others. I will be posting pictures soon.

School starts next week. We still don't know which elementary Carson will be going to, but hopefully we will hear this week. Carson and I went back to school shopping last night. He picked out a GI Joe backpack. We got some new shorts (jean, of course), some shirts, and new underwear and socks. He is getting very excited to start school.

As for Emma and Cooper, we will begin our version of Preschool next week. They have been coming up with ideas for what they want to learn about. On the top of Cooper's list is sharks!

Anyway, look forward to pictures soon, I PROMISE!

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