Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Routine

I set my alarm for 6:30. Carson is usually in my bed right before it goes off. He plays on the phone while I take a shower. Slowly, Cooper wanders into the bed. If Daddy is home, he plays with Daddy's phone. All that noise eventually wakes Emma up. She climbs into bed to watch them play or begs at the shower to get in.

The boys get dressed for school, although Carson won't put his shirt on until the very last minute. At 7:00 we get Parker up. Carson eats breakfast, plays on the computer, or plays Legos. Cooper and Emma cuddle on the couch and watch a cartoon.

We are out the door at 7:30. We drop Carson off at 7:45 and we are back home around 8:00.

Emma & Cooper do puzzles, play, or watch cartoons until Parker naps at 9:30 and then we start our school day. We do our school for an hour, or until they are distracted. Parker is up at 10:30. We pick up a little and then we are out the door at 11:00 to pick Carson up.

11:20 we pick Carson up. We head home and I make lunch. 12:30 the kids play until Parker goes down for a nap at 1:30. Then, we do our art project for the day. Carson usually practices his writing, Cooper colors and Emma does puzzles.

3:30 Parker is up. We hang out and play. By 4:00 they are asking if it is dinner yet. I start cooking. We eat around 4:45. If Daddy is home, he cleans up dinner while the kids get their bath or shower.

7:00 Parker goes to bed. The kids have their treat. At 7:30 the boys head into their room to play, read books, or play on the phone. Emma hangs out with us. Lights out at 8:30.

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