Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Review #1- Color Week

Our first week had its bumps along the way, but overall we had a great first week. We didn't through as much as I had hoped, but the kids really enjoyed the week.

Writing- Cooper and Emma practiced drawing straight lines and their names. Cooper did some copy work with Carson. (They both pick out a book and practice writing words they find in the book). Cooper gets very frustrated if he writes a letter wrong, poor guy. I keep telling him it just takes practice. Carson is doing really great writing and just loves to copy words. At school this week, Carson practiced writing 1, 2, A, a, B, and b. Emma is trying, but mainly writes circles. Although, she is writing her "E"'s really well.

Art- We do our daily art/craft project in the afternoon so Carson can join us. They love doing this and look forward to it everyday.

Games- color treasure hunts, puzzles, abc cards

We didn't start our bible study this week, but I hope to get it started next week.

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