Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goals for the New School Year

Our Goals for this School Year

Bible Studies
- Basic knowledge of Bible stories with the ability to retell story
- Basic knowledge of sin, forgiveness, and Jesus' sacrifice
- Memorization of some simple Scriptures
- Praying and understanding the reason for prayer

Language Arts
- Learn to write ABC's
- Be able to identify ABC's
- Reading by the end of the year

- Counting to 100
- Simple Addition
- Ability to tell time
- Counting money

- Learn basic map skills
- Identify continents and oceans

- Basic knowledge of animal classification

Carson will be at school for 3 hours a day. While he is gone, I will be working with Cooper and Emma. Carson will join us for some activities. Although they are all different ages, I think they will all get something out of what we are learning about. Overall, I would say our main goals are to learn more about the Bible and learning to read.

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