Monday, December 7, 2009

Recent Conversations with Carson

Carson: Mom, when I grow up I am going to be in the Air Force.
Me: Why is that?
Carson: Because, when you are in the Air Force, you make lots of money. I want to buy my kids toys whenever they want them. You have to have lots of money, like Dad. So, I definitely need to be in the Air Force.
Me: When are you going to be in the Air Force?
Carson: After I go to college, because you make more money if you go to college.
(A little later)
Carson: Mom, if you are a co-pilot, do you still make money?
Me: Yes
Carson: Ok, thats good.
- - - - - -

Me: What are we going to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Carson: Uumm, not cookies, everyone gives him cookies.
Me: Ok, what should we do?
Carson: Donuts, definitely donuts
- - - - - -

Carson: Mom, I learned all about the Christmas spirit.
Me: What is the Christmas spirit?
Carson: When you give other people gifts and celebrate as a family.
Me: Thats right, where did you learn that?
Carson: From my Christmas movies.

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