Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Carson, Carson, Carson

- Carson has 1 month of school left, then its Kindergarten graduation.
- At school he has been working on telling time and addition.
- Carson has been waiting and waiting to get a Nintendo DS. At first he was going to get one when Josh got home, but thats when we thought it was going to be in September. So, it got moved up to his Graduation day. Now, as of last night, Carson and Josh settled on May 18th, when Josh gets his bonus. He is so excited!
- Carson has a little crush on Abbie, has all year. Lately though, he has been playing with her at recess, making her love notes, coloring her pictures, and begging me to talk to her mom about having her over. I can always get him to behave if I mention that Abbie wouldn't want to see him act that way. He is so cute!
- Carson really needs a haircut.

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