Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136 of 365

Today we went to San Francisco. We left the house at 8 and made it there at 9:45. First we stopped by the Giants store at AT&T Park so Josh could get a few things. Then we headed to the zoo. It wasn't busy at all, so that was nice. They had a baby gorilla. He was so little and cute and full of energy. The kids had fun at the zoo, although Cooper was cold- something that would last the whole day. After the zoo we headed to Pier 39 and Boudin bread company for lunch. We ate then walked to Ghiradelli for chocolate, cupcakes, and running in the grass. The kids loved running up and down the hill, even doing somersaults and rolling. After that we picked up Grandma Michele at her hotel, went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, then walked around Pier 39 for a little bit. Finally, it was getting late. Before dropping Grandma off we went down Lombard St- the curviest road in the world. The kids had so much fun and I think Grandma Michele did too! We got home at 9:00, carried the kids in bed, emptied the car, and passed out. It was a great day in San Francisco- a place Josh would LOVE to live, of course after we win the lottery!

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