Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Journal: Week 10: Mar.5th-Mar.11th

Saturday, March 5th: Today we had donuts and cinnamon rolls. We didn't do much today. The kids played. Nothing too exciting. Carson had practice at 4. I took him. He did great. I have to say though, I have the hardest time watching him at bat. It is so stressful!

Sunday, March 6th: Today was relaxing day. I went grocery shopping. I actually did great. I saved 51%, $142. The manager had to come over and approve it. I usually save around 44%, so it must be over 50%. The kids played all day and watched a movie. We had a yummy Sunday family dinner. Then we watched "Amazing Race" and it was in Japan!

Monday, March 7th: Today was the beginning of our crazy busy week. I took the boys to school. Parker had speech. He did a great job. Emma came with me because Josh was working. We picked Cooper up and came home for lunch. Then we headed back to the school at 1:00 to pick up Carson. All 4 kids had dentist appointments. I'm so happy they were able to fit all 4 in on the same day instead of different days. All 4 had their x-rays done, teeth cleaned and checked out. Carson has a few issues. Cooper has 2 issues. Emma and Parker had no cavities and it was their first dentist appointment ever. We were there for 2 hours. It was a long process with 4 kids!

Tuesday, March 8th: Today was very busy. 6:00 AJ came over. 7:30 boys went to school. 11:00 picked Cooper up from school. 11:30 ate lunch. 1:45 AJ went home. 2:00 picked Carson up from school early. 3:00-4:00 Carson and Cooper's doctor appointments. 5:00 Josh and Emma took Carson to his baseball practice at Foskett Ranch. Parker and I took Cooper to his practice at McBean Park. 6:30 both practices ended 7:00 dinner 7:30 bedtime for the kids 8:30 bedtime for Josh and I.

Wednesday, March 9th: Today we had Parker and Emma's doctor appointments. Parker wasn't too happy about it, but he was quite for the most part. Both of them were unsure about the gowns. Emma talked and talked. Carson went home with Cam after school. Although, we were home by 3:05. He stayed and played over there until dinner time. He is really going to miss Cam. Carson did so awesome on his behavior chart. Red is the highest you can get and he got a double red, off the chart!!!

Thursday, March 10th: Today was the first day we didn't have any appointments, so nice! It was wonderful just hanging out with no where do go, other than driving back and forth from school. The boys finished up their homework packets. Then they spent the rest of the evening playing with their stuffed Mario and Luigi. They are so into those stuffed toys!

Friday, March 11th: Today the boys brought home their report cards. Cooper did great! He just needs to work on his handwriting, but he is excelling in math! Carson is doing awesome. He got all 3's- the best you can get. His teacher had so many nice things to say about him. We are so proud of both boys! We had our usual pizza for dinner. Josh went out with some friends from work. The kids and I watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" which the kids love.

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