Friday, March 4, 2011

Family Journal: Week 9: Feb.26th- Mar.4th

Saturday, February 26th: Today we went out and bought the boys' baseball gloves and pants. They were very excited to pick out their new gloves. We had lunch and then Carson had baseball practice. Josh took him. He did a great job. They practiced for over an hour and a half in the freezing cold. Carson was so cold when he got home. He had fun at practice despite the freezing temps.

Sunday, February 27th: Today was rainy. We spent the day relaxing and looking at Japan info on the internet. The kids spent the day playing the Wii, playing with their Legos, and playing Barbies. It was a very lazy day. I think we are just in shock about this whole Japan thing. It almost doesn't seem real.

Monday, February 28th: Today Josh went to work early to get started on our big move to Japan. I think he was overwhelmed by all the paperwork involved. There is so much information. First up, the kids and I have to be medically cleared to go to Japan. So, today I made 4 dentist appointments and 5 doctors appointments, all the be done within the next 8 days. I still can't believe we will be going to Japan. I think I'm still in shock!!

Tuesday, March 1st: Today AJ came over early. He is getting so big! After school we rushed to get homework done. Then we ate a quick dinner and headed to baseball practice. Both Carson and Cooper had practice. Luckily, it was at the same time and at the same park. Josh watched Carson and I watched Cooper. Both boys did great but they were tired after practice. We got home at 6:30.

Wednesday, March 2nd: Today I had my doctor appointment. I only had to have my blood pressure checked, perfect. I got my paperwork filled out- finally, after much back and forth to different places in the clinic. Carson had early release today so we had the whole afternoon to hang out. We played outside for awhile, however the mosquitos were horrible. Josh had to work late so it was a low-key evening.

Thursday, March 3rd: Today AJ came over early. Josh had to go into work early. Cooper had a great day celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday. Carson had early release again, so he was home at 1:20. The boys finished up their homework packets and played Lego's. They also spent a long time playing with their stuffed Mario & Luigi.

Friday, March 4th: Today the boys had their school picture. The school had to wear red and they all had their picture taken in the courtyard, the entire school. They also took sibling pictures. The boys said the pictures are for the yearbook, but I am hoping we have a chance to buy one. Carson had early release again today so he was home by 1:20. We had pizza and ran into the store to pick out a treat, M&M cookies. The kids watched "Flight of the Navigator" and then went to bed. Josh was able to get off work early so we were able to hang out together.

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