Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Journal: Week 11: Mar.12th-Mar.18th

Saturday, March 12th: Today we all slept in. It was so nice! Carson had practice at 1:00. It was cold but it wasn't raining, so that was nice. Carson is really loving baseball. Today we got his team shirt and hat. He is #2, Daddy's favorite number. He was very happy about that! Tonight the kids watched a movie. Josh and I caught up on some of our shows.

Sunday, March 13th: Today was relaxing day. It rained all day, surprise, surprise. The kids had fun playing Legos and Barbies. We had a yummy family dinner and treat. This upcoming week is going to be busy, but not as crazy as last week.

Monday, March 14th: Today Parker had speech. He really loves going to speech. He works so hard when he is there. Carson had early release today, so we had all afternoon to hang out. It poured so we were stuck inside. It was a long afternoon trying to keep everyone entertained.

Tuesday, March 15th: Today it poured. It has rained so much lately. The kids are getting a little stir crazy. It doesn't look like the weather is going to get better in the next 10 days or more. Because of the rain, Carson's first game was canceled. He was bummed. Josh had to work late so the kids and I made pancakes and watched a movie.

Wednesday, March 16th: Today we had our big medical review. The boys stayed home from school because we had to be out at the base at 8:30. We passed our medical clearance- so the kids and I are all cleared to go to Japan! After the meeting went and got our passport pictures taken, got the kids ID cards, and got some of the passport paperwork completed. It was a very successful day!

Thursday, March 17th: Today was St. Patrick's Day. All the kids were so excited to wear their green. Carson had a field trip to the Ballet. He really enjoyed it. We finally had an afternoon with no rain. Both boys had baseball practice at the same time in different places. Luckily Josh was able to get off work early to help out. At Cooper's practice we just ended up handing out uniforms because the field was way too muddy. Cooper is #2 also! I had Emma and Parker with me. After Cooper's practice we went to Carson's. The kids played while Josh and I watched Carson for a little bit. Josh had to leave early to work the Snack Bar. Carson had a great time at practice and is doing so much better!

Friday, March 18th: Today was a special day for Carson and Cooper. Both boys received awards today at school. Both had no idea we were coming so they were very surprised. Carson got 3 awards: Meeting his AR reading goal, Achievement in Math & Reading, and being a Great Citizen. Cooper got an award for Achievement in Math and Counting to 100. We are so proud of both boys!! When Carson got home from school he wasn't feeling very good and had a fever. We watched movies and rested. Carson fell asleep at 5 and woke up at 7 still feeling icky. He went back to bed with another fever. No fun.

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