Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Journal: Week 12: Mar.19th-Mar.25th

Saturday, March 19th: Today was supposed to be Opening Day for baseball, unfortunately, the rain has not stopped so it was moved to next Saturday. Carson still wasn't feeling very well, but his fever has gone down. We spent the day hanging out inside. It just won't stop raining.

Sunday, March 20th: Today was another inside day. When will this rain stop? Josh volunteered at a bake sale for his squadron for a few hours. The kids watched movies and played Legos.

Monday, March 21st: Today Parker had speech. He did a great job! He really like his speech therapist Alba. Carson earned enough tickets to help out the librarian at school, during the time Cooper's class went to the library. He thought that was really cool!

Tuesday, March 22nd: Today the boys weren't feeling 100%, just a cold. So, we stayed home and watched movies. The kids were all tired. It rained all day. It was a nice day to stay home and stay dry.

Wednesday, March 23rd: Today was the boys went to school. I had to get Carson out a little early. We had to drive back out to the base to fix something with our passport paperwork. It took 5 minutes. We came home and had an early dinner.

Thursday, March 24th: Today was really stormy and rainy. I think we got almost 2 inches of rain today, and it hasn't stopped yet. Josh had an overseas briefing and he learned a lot. Baseball is of course still canceled. They have already canceled Saturday's games and Opening Ceremony.

Friday, March 25th: Today Carson earned enough tickets to have lunch with the principal. He was very excited about that. Both boys had a great day at school. It was even stormier today. It's crazy. We have had so much rain.

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