Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 2- Okinawa

Saturday, June 25th: Today we woke up to our first tropical storm. They originally predicted it would reach typhoon levels, but it did not. Still, it poured and poured. It was very windy but very warm. We didn't let the rain stop us from house hunting. Now that we had a car we were all able to go. The first house we looked at ended being the house we choose. The kids all love it. It is 3 bedrooms with 2 extra rooms. It is a true Japanese style house. It will be great. After getting the house we drove around for a few hours, just trying to figure out our way around. For the most part, streets are not named other than main routes. We are so happy we found a house!

Sunday, June 26th: Today we woke up to leftover rain showers. We drove around some more today. We went grocery shopping, checked out the library and checked out the gym. Emma and I made yakisoba for dinner. Parker loved it! This upcoming week will be very busy so we took it easy today.

Monday, June 27th: Today Josh had some work stuff to do in the morning. He finished most of our housing paperwork. I finally got my toe looked at. Thankfully the doctor did not want to take the toe nail off, just thought maybe it was an infection so he gave me some antibiotics. We spent the afternoon taking care of a few more things on the in-processing checklist. Josh showed us the building he works in and we drove around the flightline. The kids are so excited by all the different types of planes here. We found out our stuff arrived on the island and went through customs today. We get the keys to the house Wednesday night and we will move in Thursday. All our stuff will be delivered on Saturday!

Tuesday, June 28th: Today we woke up to partly cloudy skies and a fair amount of blue sky! Of course that meant beach day. After Josh worked for a little bit we headed out to Araha Beach for the first time. It was so much fun. The perfect beach for the kids. We played there for about 2 hours then came home and rested. We ran a few more errands in the afternoon. It was a great day!

Wednesday, June 29th: Today we ran more errands in the morning. We put our application in for internet in the house. It should take about 4 weeks, blah. We got the keys to the house! We had lunch at the Kadena Marina. They have a really nice restaurant. The kids got to feed fish in the ocean after we ate. We came back to the hotel, got swimsuits, and went back to the Kadena Marina to play at the beach. It was a beautiful beach. The water was amazing! We are all looking forward to getting into the house.

Thursday, June 30th: Today we got up early to get to the house for the refrigerator delivery. We spent the day trying to figure out how to turn everything on and how to use it. We got a microwave and a few cleaning supplies. We had a yummy dinner. The kids were pretty tired since we got up early.

Friday, July 1st: Today started out as a great day. The moving company called us mid-morning and told us they had a cancellation and would be able to deliever all our stuff today instead of tomorrow. They arrived around 2 and started unloading. The first thing opened should have been my computer- it was no where to be found. Devastation---- so incredibly sad and upset. After opening a few more boxes we discovered Josh's signed Brandon Roy shoes and jersey had been stolen out of the crate also. Really crappy afternoon!!!

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