Sunday, August 15, 2010

50 Great Memories on your 50th Birthday- Love you MOM!


1. You getting soaked at Six Flags in Florida, your pants shrunk, and attacked your legs while dying them at the same time.
2. You directing Dad through Beverly Hills in the big van, saying the whole time, "Oh Jerry, we will fit, just a few more houses".
3. Getting to go to the cross-stitch convention with you and Norma, all the way in Sacramento, no boys allowed!
4. Visiting ASU- oh my, what was I thinking, that didn't stop you from taking me down there to visit. Oh boy, that was not the place for me!
5. Getting you suckered into becoming the 8th Grade Promotion party planner and the backyard full of balloons for the party.
6. When I made Varsity Cheerleading my freshman year and you were shocked, almost thought I was mistaken.
7. Going wedding dress shopping.
8. The amazing surprise baby shower you had for me when I was pregnant with Carson. I was so surprised!
9. You letting me pick my graduation trip with the family, Disneyland of course, you taught me well!
10. You having no problem with me going to Nebraska when I was 12 to visit our relatives.
11. Staying in New York City, across from Madison Square Garden, freezeing cold weather, but windows open so we could hear all the commotion, oh and the great taxi cab fight.
12. Freezing our butts off in Washington DC.
13. "Phillip Morgan and Chocolate Cake"
14. Driving through Yellowstone and stopping at every animal or possible animal sighting.
15. The giant box of food we shipped to Hawaii with us full of snacks, great idea!
16. Driving on the "Road to Hanna" to see the 7 pools, only to get there and find out there was a drought and they were all dried up.
17. You taking me to the New Kids on the Block concert.
18. Your constant search for the perfect black shoe.
19. Me always saying I was never going to have kids, you always would say that will change, you were right!
20. You always trying to get me into gardening and flowers- face it, that will never be my thing.
21. You helping me pay for my trip to Europe and giving me some extra spending money.
22. Moving down to Oregon State, carrying everything up 5 floors because the elevator was broken.
23. You coming down the following weekend to take me home for the day, it was just over an hour away, but that seemed so far away from you.
24. Telling you Josh and I decided to get married, I think you were surprised, but very happy.
25. Later telling you we would be moving Little Rock, AR after we got married- not so happy.
26. Our many camping trips at Flying M Ranch.
27. "So, what should we do today" the question Dad fears the most.
28. Deciding in the middle of winter to pack up and drive to Disneyland, from Portland, we were on the road within 3 hours with Carson, Cooper, Katie and baby Jack, never stopping and wondering if we should, just going.
29. Our many craft stores trip and making our circle anytime I am up there.
30. Telling you I was pregnant with Carson- you were so excited!
31. Telling you I was pregnant with Cooper- you were shocked!
32. Telling you I was pregnant with Emma- you were so happy!
33. Telling you I was pregnant with Parker- you were so excited for us!
34. You driving for me anytime we go somewhere together.
35. When you and I took the boys to Coronado and took them to Disneyland for the first time.
36. You and your broken ankle, that didn't stop you from taking us kids & Josh on vacation to Six Flags and Magic Mountain.
37. Josh dumping you out of the wheelchair at Six Flags.
38. You taking me to all the aquariums on the west coast because I swore that was what I was going to do when I grew up.
39. Driving hours and hours just to see the amazing Corn Palace, then onto the badlands, and Mount Rushmore.
40. Your berry pies : )
41. Your poor sunburned, blistered lip.
42. Back to school shopping and how much fun it was to go out with you, just us girls.
43. When you helped re-roof the roof and how hot it was.
44. Going to the country bar with you, Dad and Josh.
45. You showing Nelson for the first time.
46. Your love of Michael Jackson, so much that we got the concert on pay-per-view and got to stay up late to watch it.
47. The many times you took the kids for a week or two at a time so we could have a break.
48. Trying to get back to our hotel at Disneyland, laughing and laughing, what was so funny? I think it was pure exhaustion!
49. You dragging me up the Space Needle for your birthday- I was terrified and I will never do that again!
50. All the times I have been able to live with you while Josh was away. You helped me with the kids, kept me occupied, and stood by my side while he was away.

Mom- you taught me how to be a great mother. You taught me to be spontaneous, to hit the open road and see where it takes you. You taught me to love traveling and to experience the world or your own backyard. You taught to be strong and loving. You are the best mom in the world. I love you so much!!!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!!!

We all love you so much!!!

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