Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 238 of 365

Today was another hot day. The boys had a fun day at school. Cooper had cupcakes for someone's birthday again, so that is about all I heard about his day. Carson fell during recess and skinned up his knee. He said he didn't cry until he saw the blood. This evening I went to Carson's back to school night. His teacher, Mrs. Hermle, went over homework, expectations, and goals. Wow, Carson is going to be a busy boy this year. Everyday they get a behavior report. They start their day at green- ready to learn. They either move up the chart or down with red being the highest and gray the lowest. The other day Carson's was orange. I said good job but didn't really think too much of it, Carson is always well behaved at school. Tonight I learned that he was the first person in class to make it all the way up to orange. What a good little student! I'm so proud of him and how hard he works at school. Now only if that could be applied at home. The Cub Scouts had a table set up and we are thinking about signing Carson up. There is a meeting in a few weeks he can go to and see if he likes it.

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