Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 231 of 365

Today Carson and Cooper had their first day of school. They were both up early. We had breakfast and then took showers. Josh ironed their clothes and they were set. First we dropped Cooper off at his class. He was nervous and said, "But Mom, I will miss you". Such a sweetheart! Then we dropped Carson off at his class and met his teacher. He has his own desk! Cameron sits in the row in front of him and Abbi sits in the row right behind him. He was really excited but quiet. I can't believe we have 2 in school now. I watched AJ today for about and hour and half. He was perfect. We took him with us to pick up Cooper and he did great in the car. Cooper loved his first day. He loved the snack, told all about the "Oops" system, and told me about all the kids in class. After Parker's nap we went back to the school to pick Carson up. He had a great day, especially since he has 3 recesses. He liked eating lunch at school and said the day went by fast. I'm so proud of Carson and Cooper. They had a great first day!

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