Monday, February 14, 2011

Disneyland- Day 3

- We got into Disneyland an hour early, so we started at 8:00am.
- In that hour we went on 5 or 6 rides.
- By 9:00 we split up, Josh took Carson on Indiana Jones, Grandpa took Cooper on the Matterhorn twice, my Mom and I took Emma to meet the Princesses.
- We had breakfast and then went on the Rockets and Buzz.
- Then we took everyone on the Matterhorn, even Parker. Parker didn't cry but he said he didn't like it.
- We met the rest of the gang at 11:30 and ate lunch at the Blue Bayou, the best restaurant in all of Disneyland!
- My Aunt Stacy made an appointment for Emma at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Emma absolutely loved getting her hair, nails and makeup done. She just looked gorgeous, so amazing and beautiful. My Mom told her she could pick out a dress, anything she wanted. She picked out a Princess Tiana t-shirt and skirt, because she knew Cooper would like it. She looked just like a Princess!
- We went to California Adventure and went on Screamin', Soarin', the Fun Wheel, and met Woody.
- We tried to go on the water ride again, but it was having technical difficulties.
- We went to Disneyland to get spots for Fantasmic. By the time the show started the kids were all asleep except for Parker and Jack.

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