Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Journal: Week 8: Feb.19th-Feb.25th

Saturday, February 19th: Today we had Cooper's birthday party. Cooper picked a pirate theme. I made yummy oreo cupcakes and a chocolate cake. Cooper had a few friends over. They played Legos and had a great time. It was a really fun birthday party! After the party we had dinner and the kids watched "Alpha & Omega", Cooper's choice. Cooper had a great 2 day birthday celebration!

Sunday, February 20th: Today we over slept and didn't go to Church. We spent the day hanging out. Cooper played with all his new Legos. Parker played with Cooper's new Transformers. Emma played Barbies and Carson played the Wii. It was a nice, relaxing Sunday.

Monday, February 21st: Today the kids didn't have school and Josh was off because of President's Day. Parker's speech was canceled. The kids played all day, colored, played with Legos, and played the Wii. AJ came over for about 4 hours. It was a nice relaxing day.

Tuesday, February 22nd: Today AJ came over early. Parker had fun trying to get him to crawl. However, AJ had a pretty bad cough and cold. Daniel picked him up a little early. The kids had fun playing barbies today, all 4 of them. We had dinner and then I had a Team Parent meeting to go to. Oh my, there is a lot involved- fundraiser, parade float, snack bar schedule, etc. It should be an exciting baseball season.

Wednesday, February 23rd: Today Carson and Cooper had their first baseball practice. Cooper's was at 5 and Carson's was at 5:30. I took Cooper and Parker, Josh took Carson and Emma. Cooper's practice was half team meeting and half practice. I am the Team Mom for his team so I had a lot to go over with the parents. Cooper had a great time running around and throwing the ball. Carson's practice was just a team meeting. His coach is really nice and he knows one boy on his team. It is going to be a very busy spring with baseball x 2.

Thursday, February 24th: Today was rainy, windy and stormy. The kids had boring days at school because they didn't get to have recess. After school Cooper played with his Legos. Both boys finished up their homework packets. It was a very uneventful day.

Friday, February 25th: Today is was very stormy in the morning and very cold this afternoon. The kids really bundled up for school, which only happens a few times a year. After school the boys picked their rooms up a little and then played Legos until Josh got home with pizza. We had dinner and then went out to run a few errands. I just happened to check our email around 4:30 and saw the email about our new assignment. We were shocked!! We didn't know where it was to, so Josh had to go out to work to find out. We are going to Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan in June. We are in shock and speechless.

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