Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Amazing Tsuken Island Beach

After we got off the ferry a nice older Japanese man drove us in a little old bus to the beach. Can I just say this was one of the prettiest beaches we have been to yet. It was amazing. We had the beach to ourselves for the most part. One Japanese couple swam for an hour and rode jet skis, but then it was just us. The water was crystal clear. The sand was soft. We found so many huge pieces of seaglass. We were all so happy we choose to do this today.

The boys finally got to try out their new snorkle gear. They were so excited. They were both able to do it pretty well. Cooper struggled with the swimming part, but he just needs more swimming practice. Carson finally figured out the whole swimming thing, kicking hard and using your arms at the same time. He swam and swam. He would come up and say, "Mom, it is just so beautiful under the water." I was so proud of him.

As you can see this beach was amazing. I couldn't decide on just one picture. I love them all. I can't tell you how much we loved this beach. Even Diana and I went swimming. The water was so clear, even when it got really deep.

Clearly we will be making the ferry trip to Tsuken Island many times this summer. This is definitely at the top of our Okinawa Beach list!

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