Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kodomono Kuni Festival at the Okinawa Zoo

The rain has finally stopped, at least for now. It is Golden Week here in Japan, one of the most important holiday celebrations of the year. There are so many different festivals going on right now, mostly in celebration of Children's Day. There are so many fun things to choose from. Our first pick was the Kodomono Kuni Festival at the zoo. We headed there after school.

We got there just in time to feed the elephant. This was a first for all the kids and of course Emma just watched. The elephant was huge but so incredibly awesome! Carson and Cooper both wanted to just hop on him and go for a ride.

We met our friends Tami, Mason and Olivia, as well as some new friends at the zoo. The boys were so excited they got to hang out with Mason. Emma and Olivia had fun checking out each others jewelery. Emma loved helping little Ryan walk around the zoo.
The zoo set up a small petting zoo with bunnies, goats, turtles and baby chicks. The kids loved touching all the animals. But it was a little crazy because there were so many little kids there.

The zoo was covered in satsuki-nobori (carp banners) flying in the wind. It looked so cool. I love all the carp banners and how they are everywhere around the island right now. Families fly them at their homes with each banner representing each child. They fly them for good luck and good health. The banners are just beautiful.

We had a wonderful afternoon at the school and stayed until closing at 6. We then rushed home starving and still needing to finish homework. I just loved this picture of Cooper.

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