Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our 10 Hour Adventure Today

Today was a very long day but so worth it. We all had so much fun. I really wish Josh would have been here to join us. The long day did help keep our minds off Daddy being gone.

5:45am Woke up, got everyone dressed and fed, packed a lunch, got myself ready
6:40am Out the door
7:00am Met the McMillan's at Starbucks and got on the expressway headed north- 700 yen
8:20am Got to the Motobu Port, bought our ferry tickets- 3340 yen
9:00am Got on the ferry to Ie Island
9:30am Got to Ie Island, got on a bus to go to the Lily Festival- 550 yen
9:45am Lily Festival
11:30am Ice cream after lunch- 1000 yen
12:20pm got on the bus back to the port- 550 yen
1:00pm Ferry back to the Motobu Port
1:30pm Said bye to the McMillan's and start driving the long way home
2:00pm Stopped at the Nakijin Castle
3:00pm Headed home- 700 yen
4:40pm Home

A fun-filled day for sure.... but I am tired!

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