Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at Torii Beach

Today, after a week of sunshine and blue sky, the weather turned stormy and rainy. That did not stop us from heading out to an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Enlisted Spouses Club. We drove out to Torii Beach. We met the McMillan's there. There was food, crafts, games and a big Easter Egg Hunt. The kids all looked so cute all dressed up, but of course jackets ruined it.

The kids loved seeing the Easter bunny. They really loved that he was giving out a ton of candy.

Parker's Easter Egg Hunt was first. There were so many eggs for the 1-4 year olds. There were only 8 or 9 little ones. Parker was so excited! This was the first Easter Egg hunt Josh has been to with Parker. He was so happy to finally take part in the excitement.

Parker got so many eggs. He kept coming back and saying he was done. Then he would go back for more. There were way too many eggs for the little ones. The big kids didn't get to start until the little ones were finished. The big kids ran over and helped the little ones get the rest of the eggs. Parker's bag was full to the top. He was so happy!

The big kids finally had their turn. They were so fast. It was impossible to stay with all of them. They all had so much running around searching for eggs. It started to rain during their hunt. After that we were all ready to go home. They all got a ton of candy and lots of little toys, erasers, and bracelets.

It was pretty rainy and stormy. It would have been so beautiful if it was sunny. We were right along the beach. Emma won this bunny. She was so excited about it! Despite the bad weather the kids all had so much fun.

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  1. Oh my gosh - look at all those eggs!!! You all look like you are having so much fun. Love you - Grandma/Mom/Michele