Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Day #3- Urasoe Park Playground

Today's adventure led us south to Urasoe Park and their great playground. This was our first time visiting. We met the girls and Emma at the park. Diana and I both got lost trying to find it and each other, long story, but lots of laughs. It was really humid and cloudy. Luckily, we beat the rain and the kids were able to play for awhile. They just loved the rollerslide at this park. It was a pretty long one and really fast, even without cardboard. Carson made a short little video going down the rollerslide.

Parker was a little scared of most the big playground. He is not very brave. But there was plenty of things for him to play on. He just loved it.

Before the rain came we walked up the stairs to the observatory. Lots of steps later we reached the top. It was an amazing view. I just wish it had been a clear day. By the time we finished walking the kids were done. They were hot and sweaty. We got ice cream out of the vending machine, ate it, then headed home.

There is so much more to explore at this park, including some castle ruins. We will have to head back another day!

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